Thinking Effectively When ‘On Your Feet’ for Business Leaders

The leader of an organisation represents everything it stands for. Clients, customers and employees will often judge the entire company on their actions, meaning that leadership can be incredibly stressful. Leaders are often required to make the crucial decisions that others rely on for their livelihoods, and choosing the wrong options can affect the lives of countless others.

Business leaders tend to have a natural confidence and hardworking ethos that helps them to reach the top of their organisation. Despite this, many are not natural decision-makers. This means that they may choose the wrong options when faced with pressured situations and time constraints. It is important that business leaders never rest on their laurels and continue to take steps to minimise the number of errors they make. Rival companies will always be waiting to capitalise on any mistakes, and employees are relying on their leaders for their jobs.

Continuing to develop skills throughout their careers is important. It will keep them engaged and ensure that they do not feel stale or bored. One of the best areas to focus on is decision-making. Having the ability to make effective snap decisions will help a leader to take their business to the next level and continue to raise its profile.

A management training programme that focusses on instinctive decision making will give a business leader a number of advantages that are too valuable to overlook, especially if they are operating within a crowded marketplace. There are likely to be occasions when they will be required to face intensive questioning from media, shareholders, or angry board members. Learning the skills required to handle these dangerous situations easily, and perfecting how they communicate, will put business leaders in the best position to reach a positive outcome for their company. It will equally extend the opportunities they have for extra work. They will become a more engaging, and therefore in-demand, public speaker, and will find it easier to network and make the contacts they need. Understanding and relating to the concerns of others will make a business leader a better communicator and provide many benefits for their company.Verbal Communication

Training programmes are available to help a business leader to unlock the full potential of their brain and increase their capacity to make quick and accurate decisions, even when under extreme stress. Books such as Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell discuss how people are able to shape the way they process information in order to make instant decisions that can be more effective than wasting time deliberating every possible outcome. The Think on Your FeetĀ® course is focused on mastering the skill of effective verbal communication…even when there is no time to prepare.

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