Why quick thinking when ‘on your feet’ is crucial

Those who take the time to plan and prepare effectively for challenges are often the most successful individuals in business. The people who work hardest tend to get the results they deserve. Despite this, there are some occasions when good planning alone simply is not enough. An ability to make accurate snap decisions is crucial in certain business situations that may be experienced. Anyone can make an on-the-spot decision, but only a lucky few have the ability to make the right one most of the time.

In business,the ability to think quickly whilst on your feet is clearly a huge asset. There are many moments when an individual may have to provide quick, confident and knowledgeable answers. If their thoughts are confused, or they have difficulty expressing themselves under pressure, this can give off a terrible impression of both the individual and their organisation. Answering questions following a presentation or public speaking event is one example where sensible, clear thinking is required in order to respond in a satisfactory and convincing manner. As another example, interview candidates are often bombarded with information that they then need to process instantly before delivering a well-constructed, logical and impressive answer to a question.

There is no avoiding the fact that many people lack the ability to think on-the-spot innately. They panic when faced with stressful or difficult situations, delivering either an incomprehensible slew of corporate speak or a spluttering, flustered response. The good news is that skills such as these can be learned. Think on Your FeetĀ® can help anyone to develop the techniques required to cope with stressful situations and to think clearly. This ability will allow the individual to make sensible decisions and consistently deliver effective responses to questions. The developed skills will give extra confidence to approach challenges with a new positive attitude. Others will also be impressed by the newly discovered incisiveness and reliability.Verbal Communication

A 2011 study by Wendy Berry Mendes discussed the link between high stress levels and poor decision making. Those who struggled with stress were more likely to make risky on-the-spot decisions, leading to more errors. This can be applied to the business world, especially at management level. It is important to be able to manage stress effectively in pressure situations to make quick decisions that prove to be correct in the long term. Taking a course to learn the skills needed to make strong and confident on-the-spot decisions can improve anyone’s workplace performance, no matter what rung of the employment ladder they currently find themselves on.


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