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Practical idea generation & real-world problem solving – course for all types of  thinkers who need to maximise innovative thinking and creativity…

What is this creativity course about?

  • A unique introduction to how the creative process works and an understanding of how ideas are generated by using creative thinking techniques effectively.
  • Hands-on and interactive – led by specialist trainers in creativity.
  • Uses real examples to show that the techniques – for generating and harvesting ideas – work in the real world!

 Key Benefits

  • Builds the ability to generate fresh thinking and new ideas.
  • Enhances creative problem-solving.
  • Enables you to lead others in unleashing their creative potential.

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Benefits of the Creativity Course

Creativity for Logical Thinkers will maximise the return on your innovation training investment, by combining creative thinking skills training with the opportunity for team building.

  • Enhance problem solving skills.
  • Augment strong logical and analytical thinking with techniques to improve creative thinking.
  • Individual coaching by the course facilitator on how to use the techniques in the workplace – individually and when running your own creativity sessions with others.
  • Confidence booster – being able to have faith in your own ideas so they are easily expressed.
  • Learn how Mind Maps® can be used to extract ‘innovative’ concepts and multiply the number of ideas you generate.
  • Gain a number of proven practical tools to support creativity and problem solving in the workplace.
  • Improve team working, enhance motivation and provide greater job satisfaction.

“Very useful – particularly in management of teams and aiding creative stimulation.” Lead Buying Manager, Major UK Retailer


Course Content

Comprehensive 1 day in-house course or public workshop or 2 day in-house course

The starting point for this popular creativity course is ‘how to be creative’. The importance of innovation training is well recognised, but creativity at work doesn’t occur only by chance. Learning how to be more creative involves understanding the creative process (see course VIDEO introduction on separate tab) and how to use and apply techniques which develop new perspectives, generate new ideas and solve practical problems.

Training in creativity is essential for organisations that need to achieve and maintain a competitive edge. Knowing how to generate new ideas consistently and inject new thinking, will benefit the development of any organisation – creativity isn’t just relevant; it’s essential.

The emphasis is on learning creativity techniques that have practical applications, with a clear understanding of how the creative process works.

  • The need for fresh thinking – Learn why it is essential for individuals and organisations to be more creative. Understand what type of thinker you are so you can develop your own personal creativity and help others access theirs.
  • The creative process – Discover why creativity is so important in today’s competitive industry and understand how to develop your ideas by using Illumine’s creative process model.
  • Creativity techniques – Learn a range of practical and easy to use techniques for idea generating, problem solving and evaluation. You will gather a tool box that includes Mind Mapping, an introduction to de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats®, situation/solution reversal, SCAMMPERR, analogies and other thinking and creativity approaches that are proven to revolutionise, save time, money and reach decisions quickly.
  • Running sessions and harvesting ideas – Discover how to gain the confidence to facilitate your own creativity sessions, making sure that all the ideas in your organisation are generated, captured and effectively evaluated.

Do you need a highly tailored innovation or creativity course?

Creativity for Logical Thinkers can be tailored to meet your very specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Who Should Attend?

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who needs to think creatively or look at a problem from different perspectives – the course has been used for all levels of personnel within an organisation. It is perfect to fill identified gaps in development programmes or to bring a team or group up to speed with creative thinking.

We’ve found the main reasons for people to attend are the following:

  • To address challenges that cannot be addressed by conventional thinking alone.
  • To improve creative thinking – unleashing personal creativity and that of others.
  • To augment strong logical and analytical thinking skills with the ability to think creatively.
  • To add to existing management, leadership or graduate development programmes.

“The creativity course was brilliantly delivered. The tutor had vast knowledge of the subject which always helps, also to get tips for reference after the course. The methods taught has helped me a lot in terms of looking at things/situations differently and applying techniques that helps to reach solutions in ways that I wouldn’t look at before. So, from my point of view it was a very helpful course.” Major Worldwide Charity

Forthcoming Public Courses

Forthcoming Public Courses:

9:30 am - 5:00 pm
1 day Creativity for Logical Thinkers Course
etc Venues, Bonhill House, London

Post Course


Participants are invited to think about specific aspects of their work that would benefit from more creativity. Where possible, there is an opportunity on the course, to either work on one or more of these challenges, or consider which techniques would be useful in addressing them.

Post Course

Once you’ve attended this creativity course, we provide you with access to our EXCLUSIVE and FREE members’ website to remind you of what you’ve learned. Our creativity section of the site contains helpful videos, downloads, checklists, hints and tips.


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