Fast Reading & Super Memory(Formerly called Speed Reading, Memory & Mapping)

Read faster, remember more and benefit from the uniquely effective Mind Mapping technique with this highly interactive two day course.

This course will show participants how to read faster, remember more and benefit from the uniquely effective Mind Mapping technique. The course is highly interactive and includes the following topics:

  • Goals for more effective thinking, learning, reading and memory.
  • How the brain works… and how it can work better!
  • Benchmarking current reading speed and memory.
  • Introduction to Mind Maps® - theory and practice.
  • How the eye works and the implications for reading faster.
  • Approaches and strategies for effective reading.
  • Techniques for reading faster.
  • Principles of effective memory.
  • Memory rhythms and how to change them.
  • Memory systems.
  • Action planning.

Course Overview and Content

Dramatically improve your reading speed whilst maintaining high levels of comprehension and to improve your memory of anything that is read or studied. You will also learn how to use Mind Maps, which as well as having a vital role in effectively summarising and remembering read material, also have many other applications from planning to problem solving.

You will learn techniques enabling you to adopt a range of reading speeds for different material. You will also learn some strategies for managing the ever increasing volumes of material with which we are all bombarded. Course content includes:

  • Awareness and Assessment of Reading Speed and Memory - Check current reading speed and understanding of the reading process. Check and raise the awareness of your memory!
  • The Brain, Thinking and Learning - How the brain works and its relevance for reading more effectively and remembering more.
  • How the Eye Works - The mechanics of how the eye works in tandem with the brain.
  • Speed Reading Techniques - How to read faster and understand more.
  • Breaking Delusions - Challenging beliefs and assumptions about how to read efficiently and effectively.
  • Reading Environment and Strategies - Creating the ideal environment for reading and establishing different approaches for different reading material and objectives.
  • Mind Mapping - An introduction to this uniquely versatile system for making notes and helping memory.
  • Memory Principles and Rhythms - Understand how the memory works and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.
  • Continuing to Improve - Continue improving speed, comprehension and retention with hints and tips on the course. After the course each attendee gets access to an online portal providing a follow-up to the techniques learned, further hints and tips, plus other reminders and videos.

How to take the course

This course is currently available as an in-house programme for groups and teams. It can be delivered anywhere in the world. We are also able to tailor the content. Please contact us for more information about how we can deliver this training to your people. From 2014, this course will be available as a public course in London and Dubai. Please contact us for details.

If you are an individual we offer public training courses in Central London (UK):

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15/05/2015 London(1day) £575
18/09/2015 London(1day) £575

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