Writing Dynamics™ - The Business Writing CourseBuild business writing skills; write with authority and impact

Radically transform the effectiveness of your writing with the leading business writing course. Become more effective in the way you write. Learn how to write clearly, persuasively and with energy and impact. Understand how to engage, entice and hold your readers’ attention, get your message across, make an impression and save yourself time! How well you write directly determines your effectiveness, your worth and your success. So, the business writing training course, Writing Dynamics™, is not just about grammar!

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This programme will ensure you write clearly, concisely, persuasively, faster - and with impact! How? It's based around the documents YOU write...

Benefits of this business writing course

  • Bring your own REAL documents... bring your own REAL challenges... attendees to Writing Dynamics™ are asked to bring along their own documents to work and improve on during the course.
  • Learn how to spend less time planning and editing your writing.
  • Persuade your readers to read on.
  • Understand techniques to make your writing easy to read, interesting and memorable.
  • Develop a clear structure and format to your writing.
  • Improve the quality of your writing.
  • Greater contact with your reader - discover which words work and which don’t.
  • Produce more succinct and impactful writing which is professional and easy to read.
  • Save time, increase productivity and communicate your thoughts and ideas.

"I will never write anything in the same way again! This is by far the most useful course I have ever been on. It was delivered in an extremely professional and well structured way." Past BAT employee


Energise these documents with Writing Dynamics™

Business briefings

Reference Guides

Presentation Handouts

Business Proposals

Email correspondence

Procedure Documents

Press and Magazine

Promotional Texts

Formal/Informal Letters

Procedures Manuals

Media Releases

Vision and Mission Statements


Service Manuals

Profile Documents

Internal Communication Documents

Training Materials

Technical Documents

Newsletter Articles

Brochure Copy

Web Pages

Legal Documents

Annual Reports

Fact Sheets

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Who should attend this writing training?

Anyone who needs to write well structured and professional messages that grab their readers' attention and communicate key messages effectively, will benefit from this business writing course.  

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Course content

Compact in-house 1 day course or Comprehensive 2 day (public/in-house)

  • Meeting the Writer's Challenge - Our five-step approach shows you a quick and effective process for all forms of business writing. This will dramatically save time, improve quality and enhance impact.
  • Thinking Creatively and Logically - Our cluster technique provides you with a creative way of getting ideas down on paper fast. It builds the big picture, shows relationships, develops creativity and relieves worries about getting started.
  • Planning - By selecting the appropriate writing strategy at the planning stage, you can organise ideas for the greatest impact on the reader.
  • Drafting Quickly and Painlessly - You are taught how to rough draft, overcome writer's block, build momentum and develop thoughts.
  • Editing for Sharper Focus - learn how to pinpoint key words and focus on what's important in their text. Edit your text to achieve a lasting impression and make it easier for the reader to understand.
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Practical skills training focused on developing better brains for better businessFor high impact training in the UK, EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST and AFRICA

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Public Workshop Dates...

27/02/2015 London(1day) £575
16/10/2015 London(1day) £575

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Writing Dynamics™ is the practical workshop based on how professionals write - effectively and efficiently.

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