Managing Stress

Facts and Figures

  • Absence costs British Industry over ยฃ10 billion per year (CBI Absence Survey data)
  • A loss of around 192 million working days
  • 3% working time lost
  • Average of 7 days per employee in absence
  • In an Industrial Society survey 9 out of 10 workplaces are affected by excessive stress
  • Main causes of absence is from stress and back problems
  • Stress…

– affects 1 in 5 employees
– work-related stress cost employers nearly ยฃ400 million and society around ยฃ4 billion each year

  • Stress may lead to absence, reduced productivity, increased turnover, poor staff morale

Stress Relieving Foods

Certain foods can have a stress effect on the body exacerbated by the fast pace of modern life. This can increase acid production which leads to heartburn, stomach cramps and tiredness. To aim for a healthier balance, eat more alkaline- based foods, eat regularly, never skip meals and drink plenty of water.

  • Broccoli and green leafy vegetables – high in magnesium which soothes the nervous system
  • Banana’s, spinach and parsley contain potassium which helps conduct nerve impulses and keeps the brains neurotransmitters working well
  • Potatoes can soothe the nervous system and help neutralise body acids.

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