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More about Memory (Hints and Tips)

Types of Memory

There are a number of distinct types of memory and a process by which long term memories are generated:

Sensory Memory

  • Information is gathered by our senses and sent to a sensory store
  • Sensory store is distributed between different regions of the brain
  • Data lasts for a fraction of a second
  • Auditory data lasts a little longer than other data
  • The vast majority of data is discarded almost immediately

A very small percentage finds its way into short term memory

Short Term Memory (active or working memory)

  • Lasts for 10 to 20 seconds
  • Required for activities that require conscious thought
  • Can hold around seven pieces of information

Will go into long term memory if:

  • The memory is sufficiently powerful
  • It is the focus of intense concentration
  • It is repeated often
  • It has a high emotional content
  • It is very surprising or unusual

Long Term Memory

Different types of long-term memory exist:

  • Declarative (explicit)
  • Naming things
  • Recognise what is meant by names
  • Includes facts and information from the mundane to the momentous

Memories relating to events in our own lives are referred to as ‘episodic’:

  • Episodic memories fade over time
  • Recalling events reduces the rate at which they fade
  • The stronger the impression made by an event, the longer the memory lasts

‘Factual’ memories include impersonal knowledge

Semantic’ memory is what gives meaning to our memories

Procedural (implicit)

  • Involves different parts of the nervous system
  • It is about how we do things

Procedural memories are long lasting – often for a life time

  • May be partly stored in the body, not just in the brain
  • It is believed that long-term memories are permanent since they result in physical changes in the brain

Memory courses and workshops from Illumine

There are many techniques that can help improve your memory and the way that you recall information. These include Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and of course the many varied Memory Techniques available.

Find out more

We offer a half-day in-house (for groups and teams) Improve Your Memoryย course.

If you are looking for a public course for yourself or an individual see our Speed Reading, Memory and Mind Mapping Workshop
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