How employees can take responsibility for engaging and motivating themselves and others

Every business needs engaged and motivated employees in order to thrive. All business managers know that employees who are motivated are less likely to have time off for stress related issues, are likely to be vastly more productive and less likely to resign and move on. Something that can prove difficult is empowering employees to be responsible for their own engagement and motivation.

Engagement is key

An engaged employee is one who will go the extra mile for the business, generally beyond what is required of them in their job description. They live and breathe your company’s values and practices, always helping colleagues in need. Creating an engaged workforce can be achieved by ensuring that employees are offered interesting jobs commensurate with their skill set, and providing training opportunities for their development. A clear staffing structure with scope for career progression will also develop both engagement and motivation.

Magical motivation

Increasing an employeeโ€™s motivation to complete their work is of paramount importance to running a successful organisation. Employees will be motivated for a number of personal reasons, as well as through the various mechanisms within the organisation. For example, a bonus or commission structure is often used to maximise motivation and productivity of employees. Likewise, creating a family atmosphere, where everyone is listened to and treated fairly is also an effective motivational tool.

Empowering your workforce

Empowering employees to take responsibility for their own motivation and engagement can be seen as a tricky task. Distributed leadership may provide employees across all levels of an organisation with responsibilities of their own. Giving employees their own responsibilities will encourage them to motivate and engage with their tasks, especially if they can be left to workย  autonomously. Regular line management meetings with feedback and performance management targets can help to enable employees to engage with their work fully.

Giving employees specific responsibilities in keeping with their role, no matter how trivial they may seem, can help in their engagement. Whether it is giving an office worker the responsibility of a small budget to cover stationery supplies for their team or passing over the running of a department to a more senior employee, this extra responsibility helps them to take ownership of their own engagement and motivation.

With great power comes great responsibility

As the proverb goes, giving employees any power increases their responsibilities. This increase in responsibility will work wonders for employee engagement and motivation.

Use PassionWorks!โ„ข to understand what motivates your people

The PassionWorks!โ„ข model forms the basis of a journey for individuals to understand and take responsibility for, meaning and progress in their working lives and for leaders to create the conditions where passion can flow for their followers and for themselves. The PassionWorks!โ„ข approach is at the heart of the Employee Engagement and Passionate Leadership courses.

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