Encouraging leaders to take control

It is an all too familiar situation in many meeting rooms: a problem is identified only to be followed by a complete silence.  This occurrence is symptomatic of a company without effective leaders.  Strong leadership is necessary in order to ensure that all employees are heading in the right direction, and remain motivated to do their best.

All high performing teams need at least one good leader to give them focus and drive, and often, the leader’s role is simply to create an environment where people can thrive.  In the meeting room example given above, a leader is needed to ensure contributions are forthcoming and effective from all employees, and that there is a non-judgemental atmosphere in the room.  In these circumstances individuals are far more likely to speak their minds and come up with workable solutions to problems.  A good leader needs to instigate trust within a team in order to achieve optimum results.

It is not always necessary for leaders to be formally recognised to be effective.  Some people have natural leadership skills and use these in their current roles without even realising it. People who are constantly bringing positive energy to a room, encouraging others, and solving issues are likely to be good leadership candidates.  Whilst they can have a positive influence on the company if they are left to their own devices, it is often more effective to identify these people and help them to take their skills to the next level.  That way, they can develop and the business can benefit.

A variety of training programmes are available that can give leadership-inclined individuals the knowledge and techniques required to take control.  They help people to recognise the talents and qualities they have, whilst also teaching how to have a positive effect on others. Investing in leadership training is a great way to develop effective leaders from within; using people who know the culture of the company inside out, and is often preferable to making external appointments that might unsettle the workforce.  These courses can also be used to help those who are not naturally inclined towards leadership to develop their confidence and decision making skills.

No company or organisation can function to its maximum efficiency if it lacks leaders. Identifying the leaders in a workforce at an early stage is the best way to ensure these people are developed into the valuable commodity they can and should be, and to ensure that an organisation has the high performing teams it needs.

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