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How do you increase communication within the workplace?

Good communication is a vital part of any successful business, and a lack of it can lead to serious problems in terms of both relationships and achieving targets.  Poor communication can also reduce morale and, consequently, decrease performance.  The following tips (some of them unorthodox) are great for helping to improve your company’s communications:

Create an internal ‘Wiki’.  The ‘Wiki’ concept is a unique one, but it can actually be very effective in helping employees to communicate.  It enables groups of users to discuss topics of their choosing, and allows them to contribute positively in terms of project ideas and workplace improvements.

Develop a company newsletter.  As a company with an outstanding reputation for looking after its employees, it’s no surprise that John Lewis prints an official magazine designed in such a way that the workers can find out about different branches, offer their own points of view, and even question issues they consider to be problematic.  Adopting the same approach could be a very effective way of improving your own communications.

Schedule weekly meetings.  Whilst no-one wants to have meetings for meetings’ sake, they don’t have to drag on for hours.  Simply gather the members of your team together and ask if anyone has any thoughts or feelings that they’d like to share with their colleagues regarding any issues that are affecting the office as a whole at the time.

Enable instant messaging In many modern businesses today, employees can already use IM tools such as Skype for quick, easy communication with both their colleagues and their clients.  However, many older, larger companies haven’t yet adopted this practice.  It may be well worth considering its merits as it enables everyone to feel more connected with the office.  IM can be monitored too, so misuse is easy to control.

Boost morale and rapport.  Whilst team-building activities are a bit of a cliché, when done well they remain invaluable in helping to establish rapport within a team.  If there is a high level of trust and rapport, employees are more inclined to increase their communication.  Morale is also likely to improve, which is an essential part of improving performance across the team.  If an employee feels happy and comfortable as part of a team, then he or she is more likely to be more communicative, and, ultimately, more likely to excel.

Finally, remember that an NLP training or communication course is an ideal investment for any modern manager.

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