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How speed reading can give your business the edge

As a manager, it is important to avoid complacency at all times.  Even if business is good at the moment, a rival can have a breakthrough or factors can change in an instant that could have a negative impact upon an organisation.  For this reason, it is important to continue pushing the boundaries of what the business is capable of.

One way to do this is to ensure staff members receive frequent training.  This does not necessarily need to be in their chosen niche, but can extend to all areas of their working life.  One particularly effective area to invest in is speed reading training.  A small investment here will give a workforce the tools to improve their own education, quickly and efficiently.  The business can then reap the benefits of this as people bring their new skills to work and become quicker and better at absorbing information.

Some people doubt the effectiveness of speed reading training, but a body of evidence has shown that the improvements can be measured.  A study by Calef, Pieper and Coffey found a significant improvement in the speed of eye movements in those who had successfully completed a training programme.   This speed reading test shows how the techniques can have a hugely beneficial effect on the amount of time staff members need to absorb information.

Reducing the time staff needs to take in information can have many positive outcomes.  The length of meetings can be cut, the implications of detailed reports can be speedily understood, and complex ideas and new theories can be quickly learned.  Whilst these changes may seem positive on their own, they can really add up over an extended period of time.  If every member of staff is able to read information and absorb it more quickly, the cumulative effect can be huge for an organisation.  Not only will it save time in every area of the business, it will also ensure the office has an atmosphere of achievement and vitality about it.  Productivity and motivation is infectious, and helping people to improve their own knowledge can have truly dramatic results on profit.

Investing in speed reading courses is a small step that can yield a fantastic long-term return on investment.  It’s a simple way to push employees to be the best they can be, and foster an efficient and productive workplace, that stays one step ahead of the competitors.

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