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Speed reading training gives employees a much-needed tool

The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, but something similar โ€“ and perhaps even more profound โ€“ can be said about the written word, which can serve as a gateway to the collected knowledge of the human race.ย  Just as the soul may be ultimately unknowable, the vast amount of existing written works is more than any single individual can read and master, even given a lifetime devoted to the task.

Unfortunately, many types of work in the modern world require individuals to read and master voluminous amounts of information on a daily basis.ย  In most such cases, a passing familiarity with information already read is far from sufficient.ย  Employees are expected to not only read many lengthy and detailed documents, they are also supposed to retain a great deal of the knowledge so that they can see connections between disparate data points, and intelligently use information from a wide variety of sources to inform their views regarding issues as diverse as government policy and market sector conditions.


The speed reading solution

A powerful method to meet these objectives is to provide employees with speed reading training.ย  This is the strategy currently being adopted by many private sector companies and public sector organisations. When councils and central government departments spend money on speed reading training, their decision to can often attract adverse publicity. It is difficult to see why, when we know that Councillors and Government Officials often have enormous volumes of material to read and speed reading techniques will usually, when taught properly, result in reading speed improvements of 100 to 200 percent – sometimes more.

Those who have been in government work can attest that reading assignments of 80 to 100 pages can be a daily occurrence.ย  Without help from a speed reading course, responsible government workers and representatives have little option but to burn the midnight oil trying to slog through everything that must be digested before the morning.ย  It is this exact practice, however, that can actually prove counter-productive.ย  Trying to learn detailed material whilst exhausted is not conducive to ready recall of the material in question. ย Research, in fact, has shown that people who stay up late to study for a test will learn less than those who stop at a reasonable hour and get a good night’s sleep.

Speed reading provides workers with the best of both worlds, allowing them to read quickly with ease so that 80 pages or more can be quickly assimilated.ย  At the same time, today’s modern speed reading techniques mean that workers can actually understand and remember the written word better once they are properly trained.

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