How Do You Plan Your Writing Effectively?


Planning is important in writing because it helps you create a high quality document.ย  In order to be a good writer, you need to understand the basic requirements of each kind ofย  document and plan accordingly so that you can create articles that are easy to read and comprehend.

If you want to take up business writing professionally, or if you need to regularly write reports as part of your job, investing in a good business writing course along with your management training is going to be worth every penny you spend on it. Such a course will teach you the right approach, appropriate business vocabulary and the best presentation styles to ensure that your write-ups are received well by your target audience.

Business writing training helps you understand how to plan your writing. Equipped with these techniques, you can improve your writing skills and grow exponentially as a writer.

Find the basic answers

The first thing you learn in a business writing course is to find answers to the three basic questions that every writer should address โ€“ what to write, why write and who to write for.

  • What to write โ€“ this involves making a decision about a specific subject to write about. It is important that you keep the entire article highly focused so that you can make the article highly informative.
  • Why write? This question helps you define the purpose of your article. What is it that you want to convey to the readers? What is the response you wish to evoke? Based on these questions, you can decide the kind, personality and presentation of content. For instance, decide whether your write up is an analysis report, critical review of products and services, or a report outlining the growth of business.
  • Who to write for? This question helps you define your target audience. You need to tailor the content in a way that it resonates with the sensibilities of your target audience.

Training helps you find these answers without spending a lot of time on them.

Create a skeletal structure

Once you have your basic answers, jot down a skeletal structure for the body of the write-up. Ponder on the content and split it into different subheadings. If you want to include pictures or illustrations, decide the subhead into which they fit well.

Creating a skeleton helps you immensely because you can visualise the completed article and evaluate its effectiveness. You also save time because you can use the structure for guidance when you research.


Find reliable sources to gather information. All information included in business report writing needs to be justified with accurate facts, figures and statistics.

Finally, you put pen on paper (more like fingers on the keyboard) and begin to write. With the article structure as a guide and information available at hand, you find it easier and quicker to complete writing.

Training programmes in business writing help you create excellent write-ups that satisfy their purpose.


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