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Team Building – The Role of Leaders in Building a Great Team

team buildingThe modern day work set-up has undergone several changes over the years. One of the most crucial developments has been the focus on important activities like human resource development and team building. In order to achieve both, a fair amount of involvement is required by mid to senior level managers.

It is relatively easy to control and coordinate activities with individual employees. However, in order to build a healthy workforce and great team, the onus lies on the managers. Read on to know how the role of leaders can help in team building.

Adopting impartial management styles

Every employee will have their own mindset; however the one thing that binds them all together is the need for constant approval. As a leader, this is where you can help. Instead of constantly relying on one team member to undertake tasks of serious nature, it will help to adopt an impartial management style and get everyone to participate.

This will help avoid resentment towards each other and create a more stable work environment on the whole.

Encouraging participation

Team members are usually, on average, comfortable performing their daily tasks. However, it takes more to make them participate in other projects and interesting work activities. As a leader, it is important that you encourage equal participation from their side and create an environment where everyone is eager to work together in new things.

This will eventually help create a bond among the team members and contribute toward team building activities.

Sharing responsibility for team building

Every team member is given a set of tasks to accomplish. They are made responsible for their individual goals and tasks. However, as a leader, it is important that you train your team to share equal responsibility for various roles. For instance, should one researcher in your team fall ill, thereby affecting the work flow, another should be ready to take on the task and complete the job thereby helping the team member and entire team.

Adopting main functions of management

It is the role and responsibility of every leader to adopt the main functions of management. In order to build a healthy team and work environment, the leader has to effectively plan, organise, command, coordinate and control all at the same time.

Team building is an activity that happens over time. With the right amount of dedication and focus, every manager will be able to create healthy, well-integrated teams.

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