The importance of training for employees

trainingIn modern business, training is vital.  Whether you run a three-man start-up or you’re an HR manager in a 5,000-strong corporation, you should ensure that you are allowing your employees regular access to high-quality training sessions.  Why?

It will improve morale.  Training is a great way of improving morale across any team.  It enables employees to obtain both greater job satisfaction (owing to their sense of involvement, and the fact that the company is investing in them) and greater security (their improvement will raise their status as employees and make them exemplary).

It will increase the company’s turnover.  An increase in morale is a foolproof way of improving company performance.  Employees who don’t want to work where they’re employed aren’t working to their full potential, and this can seriously drag down performance if it occurs across even a small department.  The positive impact of training will mean that employees take more pride in their work, and this will benefit the company.

It will encourage ambition.  Encouraging positive attitudes amongst your employees is an important part of company performance, so giving employees the opportunity to improve themselves can only benefit the company.  Informing them about what training is available makes employees aware that opportunities exist for those who invest in themselves; this often leads to a healthy competition for places, and various employees excelling in their roles to secure more senior positions.

It will Increase performance in individual roles.  It might seem like an obvious point, but it’s important to remember that, in addition to promotion and ambition, effective training will actually help employees to improve at the jobs they’re currently doing.  If one training session can help to reduce wastage and increase efficiency by 5% per employee across a department of 50 people, then it’s an extremely sound investment to make, and one that will doubtless benefit the team.

It will improve the image of your company.  Having employees that are genuinely accredited can make a world of difference to the number of customers your company has, especially if it’s a specialist company.  If you’re able to make the claim that all of your employees are fully accredited by the main professional body in your industry, then customers are far more likely to trust you.  What’s more, others in your industry are far more likely to respect you, aiding your reputation and perhaps increasing the number of referrals you receive.

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