Five Tips to Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

problem solvingEvery managerial staff member across sectors will at some point or another need to deal with disputes and serious issues or problems in the workplace. These problems could involve a variety of things. When it comes to problem solving, not every management professional has the ability to solve issues effectively.

You can always undergo innovation training in order to improve your problem solving skills.ย  In this article there are a few tips from fellow professionals that can also help. Read the five most basic tips below.

1. Assess the problem calmly

First and foremost, it is important to analyse and assess the problem calmly. As an employee at a key position, your subordinates will look up to you in times of professional trouble. As a result, your conduct and behaviour should express the qualities of a leader. Start by staying calm. Keep telling yourself that whatever the problem is, you will find a solution.

A calm outlook will help you focus on finding the solutions faster. It therefore serves dual advantages to remain calm no matter how serious the problem.

2. Seek your teamโ€™s input

When faced with a problem at the workplace, as a decision maker you can assess and come up with a solution, but it helps to include the input of your immediate team members. Sometimes, the people who are actually involved in the operational aspects will be in a better position to suggest ways to overcome a certain crisis.

By being a leader that listens, it will help you earn your teamโ€™s trust while also improving your problem solving capabilities.

3. Be creative

When it comes to finding solutions, you do not have to go by the book. You can think out of the box and adopt a sense of creativity. Try finding solutions that other leaders wouldnโ€™t have thought of. Think about the problem objectively and use your creative capacity to shortlist a few helpful solutions.

4. Stay positive

During any kind of crisis, be it at the workplace or in your personal life, it is important to stay positive. Your positive outlook itself will help you find solutions once you understand the problem thoroughly. Any negative thought will in fact impair your thinking and affect your ability to come up with fruitful solutions.

5. Write it down

Make notes and justify your thoughts when you are faced with a problem. Your notes will actually help you find a solution easily. Jot down points regarding what went wrong and how it could possibly be fixed to begin with.

These five basic tips will help you improve your problem solving skills.ย  For more information on our training and development courses, get in touch today.

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