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Mind Mapping Tips and Tricks

How-to-MindMap-imindmapWhen it comes to mastering the art of mind mapping, it helps to learn a few tricks and tips on the way. As a procedure, creating Mind Maps® is not necessarily tough.  Mind Mapping training can help.  In fact, the concept is built in such a way so as to allow almost all age groups to use it easily.

A few helpful pointers can help you master the art of using Mind Maps® effectively. It is important to keep in mind that you learn to use a Mind Map® for your own benefit and it helps to practice, pick up tips and learn more about it as you go along.

Pick the right paper

Mind Maps® can be produced on paper, although in today’s technology-based world, it is common for people to choose Mind Mapping software and there are various programmes that you can use to create your Mind Maps®.  If you choose the paper format, it is important to begin by picking the right paper. Not only is the quality of the paper important in this case, but so is the size. Typically, an A3 size would suit your purpose fine although A4 size sheets are also a common choice in this category.

If you’re wondering how the right paper helps, the answer is simple. The right quality will ensure that your mapping remains on the sheet for a long period of time allowing you to refer to it regularly as and when you need. The right size ensures that you comfortably fit all the elements onto the sheet.

Choose the right pens

When it comes to making a Mind Map® on paper, you will have to draw the diagram yourself. The right paper may help initiate the process but the right choice of pen is also important. Use pens that do not have large nibs or those that blot on paper.

Furthermore, ballpoint waterproof pens will be your best bet. These will help you create a map easily without spoiling the paper or the diagram.

Use colourful pens or fine felt nibs if you can. The many colours on the paper will aid your memory.

Practice daily

If you haven’t made a Mind Map® before, then don’t expect it to fall into place the very first time. In most cases, people who experiment with Mind Maps® for the first time may end up making messy drawings. The key lies in improving your plan and drawing skills gradually.

The How to Create a Mind Map® tips on our Mind Mapping website will definitely help you create good Mind Maps® gradually. If you would like more information,  get in contact with us today or ask us about our training courses.

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