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Team Building for a Positive Team Environment

team buildingIf you have ever been a part of a positively motivated team, chances are that on most days you achieved more than your preset target. You also enjoyed working with colleagues, were able to create better ideas and leave the office in a satisfied frame of mind. Because of the contagious enthusiasm and high morale, you probably did some of your best work with this team.

So if you are now a team leader, your first endeavour should be to inculcate positive thoughts among your teammates. If you donโ€™t know how to do this, it is better for you to undergo a positive thinking course from a reputed personnel skill development organisation.

Why should you Promote a Positive Team Environment?

Psychologists are of the opinion that positivity can make a huge difference to peopleโ€™s well-being and success. Happy individuals are more successful in their careers and therefore more happy and satisfied.

This happiness and satisfaction rubs off on others until all the team members feel cheerful, confident and optimistic. A positive team is also more creative, more communicating and more caring. They cope with challenges better and have less friction while working with others.

There are a few simple ways in which you can foster a sense of enthusiasm and positivity among your teammates:

Encourage Trust

When you want to encourage healthy relationships among team members, it is important that there is a good element of trust and transparency. There should not be any disconnect between what your words say and actions do. Teammates must look up to you as dependable and leading from the front in matters of trust and camaraderie. Only then will they follow you and implement the same standards for themselves.

Be Approachable

Open and positive communication makes people feel important and motivates them to do better for the common goal. This is what differentiates a positive team from a team where members are complaining against each other and trying to undermine othersโ€™ efforts. Give your teammates the freedom to express their mind without inhibition. Be open to constructive criticism without being unnecessarily defensive.

Maintain Confidentiality

Team members automatically feel happy and optimistic if they receive positive encouragement from you. However, it is not possible for everybody to deliver their best every time. If you want to maintain that positive feeling despite the odd setbacks, never bad-mouth somebody in front of others. Maintain strict confidentiality and always discuss positive things about your team.

Appreciate Efforts

The right kind of praise at appropriate moments goes a long way in fostering confidence and positive feelings in a team. It is important for people to know that you recognise their contribution, no matter how small or insignificant it is. Only then will they be encouraged to do more for the organisation.

While appreciating, be personal as much as possible. Thank or praise people by name instead of making it generalised for the entire team.

Cultivate a Fun Atmosphere

Celebrate special occasions of each member individually. It makes them feel special and turns the workplace into one happy and cheerful zone. A small party with a cake and a banner is not very expensive but can make a โ€˜positiveโ€™ difference to team spirit.

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