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Five Great Team Building Activities

team building activitiesIn order to build professional, strong, healthy and high performing teams, it is important to plan regular activities that contribute toward better team integration. As a team leader, you can definitely adopt healthier management styles that help teams bond in order to create a better work set-up. But, this will serve day to day purposes primarily. To create a strong bond that lasts, it is important to plan regular activities.

Before planning any activity it is important to assess the type of employees, their behaviour toward each other and general comfort level. These aspects will help you understand them better thereby planning the best suited activity.

Making eye contact

The world has largely become impersonal today. This is why simple things like making eye contact are long forgotten these days. In most instances, new employees barely look at their counterparts in the eye while talking to them. In fact, it is normal for most people to look away while talking to others at the workplace.

Initiate a game or activity wherein every employee is paired and made to look into their partnerโ€™s eyes for at least an entire minute. This activity will help break the ice while also creating a comfortable platform for people to interact more.

Blindfold run

Divide your team or employees into groups and make half the group tie blindfolds while the other is made to see clearly. Once done, have them run wild and free for a couple of minutes. Make sure you set-up obstacles on the way. The ones without blindfolds are then made to save the ones wearing blindfolds and so on.

This game is a good trust exercise that can initiate a strong bond among most.

Paper towers

Divide the teams into smaller groups and have a paper tower game for fun. Assign roles in each group and give every group a single sheet of paper. Set a time limit and have them make the tallest tower within the stipulated time frame. The group that makes the tallest tower wins. This game can help create a bond within the employees in a fun way.


A game of hangman can never do any harm. You can modify it to suit your employeesโ€™ styles and tastes. Divide the employees, set up groups and begin the game assigning time limits for guessing the name of the movie or song, as you prefer.

Counting coins

This is another interesting and exciting game that takes you back to your childhood. You simply have to get your employees to count coins within a minute. Set up pairs or small teams and the one that counts or collects the maximum wins.

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