Top traits of a good and reliable leader

leadership skillsLeaders have great motivating power and they can convince staff and customers about ideas and new ways of doing things. From the organisational perspective, a good leader is somebody who can drive growth in the organisation in a holistic and sustainable fashion. Good leaders are hard to find and sometimes they require a catalyst like a leadership programme so that their true qualities can emerge. Here are some of the traits that a good leader can possess.

Clear vision

Good leaders have a clear vision about their future and the steps to achieve it. If you ask a good leader about how to define success in context of the current organisation they are involved with, they will be able to give you a concrete answer. Not only do employees with leadership qualities understand the way to success, they are also able to explain it well to other employees and empower them. Conceptualisation of vision, ability to articulate the vision and to convince everybody about the vision is the key characteristic found in a great leader.

Ambition and drive

The will to succeed and a strong competitive edge are found in almost every leader of every sphere. It’s this competitive drive and hunger for success that drives the leader forward and differentiates him/her from the masses. Ambition also leads to the quality of perseverance and it is perseverance that ultimately allows the individual to succeed. If you see an employee who has the persistence and the drive to achieve his/her goals, then you can conclude that he/she has some potential for leadership.

Courage and the ability to speak out

True leaders are never timid and they possess the innate quality of being able to convey their convictions. They have a stubborn streak in them, which they use to their advantage, and for the ultimate good of the organisation or the enterprise they are involved with. Courage is an important trait that is inherent in all leaders. This is also one of the very few traits that a leadership programme cannot teach. A leader is never afraid to take an action and then be afraid to face the consequences of his/her action.

Delegation skills

However effective a leader is, it’s not possible that he/she can achieve organisational goals all by himself/herself. A leader not only takes constructive action but also encourages other people to do the same. A true leader has the uncanny ability of understanding which person is best for which job. Ultimately a leader is a superb delegator who gets the work done by encouraging cohesive and constructive team action. This is why management experts list delegation ability as a key leadership skill.

Charisma and charm

Leaders possess a little of the undefined substance called charisma or charm. This is the magic factor that differentiates them and makes people want to listen to them. Leadership programmes encourage leaders to develop their own communication style and enhance their charisma. Good leaders possess some or all of the above-mentioned characteristics.

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