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How important is a good memory in business?

memory trainingThere are a great many traits that are said to be important in running a business, and although some are more important than others, itโ€™s essential that a business owner try to develop as many of these traits as possible. Attributes such as efficiency, innovation, communication skills and financial acumen are all extremely helpful, but one of the most overlooked advantages in any walk of life, is the advantage of a good memory.

What is memory?

According to the Science Museum your memory is your brainโ€™s filing system, which is a useful way of explaining what your memory does. A vast amount of information is stored away in the memory every second of every day, from the day we are born. Some things are stored in the short term memory and are things which are probably referred to only once, like a phone number or name of a person we have met only once. Other memories are retained sometimes for many years, or for all our lives, even if we never need them.

Memory is important because it makes up the essence of who we are. Memories built up over a lifetime all go to make up our personalities and our characters. Whether you appear to possess a good memory or a poor memory can be a factor in influencing how others see you and in how they assess your character. We are all familiar with the term โ€˜scatter brainโ€™. This is normally applied to a person who appears to have trouble in remembering facts, or who frequently forgets to do things, or who never turns up for appointments because they forgot all about them. A scatter brain may be delightfully dotty in a much-loved grandma, but it is not exactly a compliment when associated with a business person. Conversely, a person who is blessed with a sharp memory is considered to be of higher intelligence and someone who can be relied on.

Advantages in business

It cannot be emphasised enough the advantage that having a good memory is and many people who have reached the top of their field and made a success of their business can partly attribute their success to their sharp memory. At a very basic level, a good memory prevents us from forgetting important dates, facts and deadlines. At one end of the scale, the employee who fails to hand in a work project will surely earn nothing more than the wrath of the boss when they explain that they simply โ€˜forgot to do itโ€™. At the other end, a manager who fails to implement a new system because they forgot to attend a meeting or simply couldnโ€™t remember how to do it, will never be seen in a good light. Think also of the business person who canโ€™t remember the names of clients or business associates. This can be very embarrassing at the least and even bad for business.

Train your mind with memory training

Learning new things and exercising the brain can improve memory and great things can be achieved by embarking on Mind Mapping Training or Fast Reading and Super Memory courses proving that a better memory can lead to better business success.

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