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Can Eye Colour Predict Your Personality?

eyesYour Eye Colour is Unique

Just as our finger prints are unique, no two people have the same eye colour and pattern in their eyes. Look closely into someone’s eyes and you see that there are distinct patterns in their irises. There’s also usually more than one colour present. Squiggly lines radiating out from the pupil are called crypts. Circular lines curving around the outside edge of the iris are called furrows.

Eyes also change colour over the course of our lives. This is due to changes in the pigment secreted into them.

Recent research has identified certain personality traits associated with both the colour and patterns in a person’s eyes.

Mats Larsson, a psychologist at Orebo University in Sweden, studies the correlations between iris patterns and personality traits. He concludes that, โ€œa low frequency of crypts is significantly associated with tender mindedness, warmth, trust and positive emotions. Whereas, more distinct and extended furrows are associated with impulsiveness.โ€

Personality Traits Associated with Different Eye Colours

Research in this area is in its infancy. However, some researchers believe the following personality traits are found more often in people with the described eye colour:

Brown Eyes

Outgoing, vivacious, affable, individualist, steadfast, serious, practical, self-sufficient and retiring. They also have strong feelings of commitment, are sociable, kind, loyal, and devoted to loved-ones.

Hazel Eyes

Determined, imaginative, adventurous, boundless energy, thirst for new experiences, risk taking and profound thinking are key traits. They are courageous in the face of adversity, aware of their own limitations, responsible and selfish.

Green Eyes

Unpredictable, mysterious, self-sufficient, slow to anger, patient, capable of great emotional restraint. Original, creative, intellectual, high levels of concentration, lovers of freedom, performing well under pressure, happy, passionate, romantic.

Blue Eyes

High intellect, devoted to causes they believe in, sincere, sentimental, disliking of routine. Tend to hold a grudge, moody, possessing high levels of stamina, bright and happy nature.

Grey Eyes

Conforming, quiet, self-effacing, patient, calculating, deceptive, courageous, obstinate, unsure in affectionate situations.

Violet Eyes

Imaginative, creative, high self-esteem, perfectionism, charismatic.

Black Eyes

Dynamic, full of vitality, hot-tempered, impulsiveness, risk taking, adventurous. Commanding of respect, possessing great dignity, pretentious, secretive, mysterious.

How Eye Colour is Perceived by Others

Researchers have also concluded that we form perceptions of people we meet based on their eye colour.

A survey conducted by CyberPulse, a division of Impulse Research Corporation in Los Angeles USA, questioned 1016 women. They found:

  • 34% considered people with brown eyes as intelligent, kind and trustworthy.
  • People with blue eyes are considered to be kind and sweet, but only 7% considered them to be intelligent.
  • 29% considered people with green eyes as creative, devious and attractive.

The Future of Research into Eye Colour

With eye colour and pattern being unique to each of us. It’s an interesting topic that’s currently attracting much study. Researchers are now looking into how our eye colour and patterns can predict not only our personality but also our health.

Keep your eyes open – especially when reading – for future developments in the very near future!


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