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5 More signs you might be leadership material โ€“ Part 2 of 2

leaderSo you think you are leadership material? Being a good leader comes naturally to some people. The rest of us have to identify which skills we already possess and work on those that we don’t.

In the first part of this mini-series, 5 Signs You Might be Leadership Material, we looked at some common traits that good leaders share. In this concluding part, we’ll consider 5 more traits that indicate you could make a really good leader. Use these lists to find out where you could focus your personal development to ensure you are ready for the top job.

1. You are interested in the company as a whole

When you first start at a new company, your interest is usually very insular. You understand your part to play, but don’t have a wider understanding of how the company works in the broader sense. As your understanding develops, you become interested in how different departments work together and how the company interacts with suppliers and customers.

As people reach the stage in their career when they are ready to be good leaders, their interest and understanding expands to include the company as a whole. They understand the intricasies of every part, from the production to the international market. If you decide to go down the leadership route, it’s vital you understand as much as possible about who your organisation is and how it operates.

2. You have highly developed communication skills

Communication skills are important at every stage of your career, but never more so than when you are leading. Good leaders are trusted and respected. They are charismatic and assertive, without being unapproachable. It really is pointless having all the best ideas on how to lead your company into a brighter future if you lack the ability to communicate your vision to the workforce.

Some of history’s most respected leaders have made up for skills they lack by having really shining communication skills. So, if yours could do with brushing up, now is the time to invest in that training course.

3. People often ask your advice

Good leaders are seen as the person ‘with all the answers’. That’s why they are often asked for advice. If people already ask your advice a lot, this could indicate that you have leadership abilities.

A truly good leader never minds taking time to give their workforce advice. They don’t tell people “I don’t have time for this!” Leadership is a busy job, but by dispensing good advice to staff on the best way to tackle issues, you really are eliminating potential problems of the future.

4. You have a mission to improve lives

Good leaders care about those who work for them and very often have a humanitarian mission to improve lives or their environment as a whole. The best leaders don’t operate from a self-orientated position. They see it as their job to create better conditions for their staff. They want their company to operate from a better place in the market. Good leaders truly strive for improvement for the collective rather than self-promotion.

Examine your motivations for wanting to lead. Are they personal or do you have a plan to improve the bigger picture?

5. You already love your job!

It’s an avoidable truth that the leaders of busy organisations usually work a huge amount of hours. They are involved in so many decisions that their days are completely filled. This means more hours at work, more phone calls, more emails and more requests for your advice or rulings. All this equates to devoting a lot more of your life to work. If you don’t already love your job, it’s unlikely that becoming a leader will do anything to help you with that!

You should feel passionate about your organisation and really want to make a positive difference. If going home is your favourite part of the day, it might be time to reconsider your leadership aspirations.

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