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Get organised with this 15 minute daily workout

Are You Disorganised?

Busy living means many people are becoming less organised as a result of juggling too many tasks. When there are so many things that simply must be done it’s easy to lose track.

Being disorganised results in problems. Missed deadlines, cancelled appointments and unanswered telephone calls mean work piles up. Clients and colleagues become frustrated when you can’t deliver what they need on time.

Your time management is another victim. The time you spend looking for misplaced paperwork, hurriedly scrawled notes and important passwords is frustrating and eats into your productivity.

Being disorganised is stressful and can lead to you feeling that you simply can’t cope with your workload or home life. Feeling stressed isn’t good for your health and can mean you become self-critical and negative. Your disorganisation, in effect, becomes a cycle of frustration, stress, poor self-belief and decreased performance.

If you find that you’re always running out of time, you forget important events and often lose the items you need, you may well be disorganised! But, the good news is, it’s easy to develop new habits which turn chaos into streamlined, optimum productivity! Start by following our simple, quick daily workout to get organised. It only takes 15 minutes every morning and can help you make sure your whole day runs smoothly.

Get Organised โ€“ Your Daily Workout

1. Clear Your Space (5 minutes)

deskWorking with clutter around you isn’t easy. It makes it more likely you’ll overlook important notes or find yourself wasting time looking for things. At the start of every day, take five minutes to organise your desk or workspace and make sure everything you need for the day is close-at-hand.

If you’ve scribbled down notes the day before, file them or use them in the next step to update your diary.

2. Organise Your Diary (5 minutes)

phoneNext, spend 5 minutes organising your schedule for the day, whether this is in a diary or electronic scheduler. Make sure you include a time slot for answering phone calls, emails and other messages.

Using your diary effectively means you’re less likely to forget things and can tick items off when they’re completed. This keeps you on top of your progress and also gives you a sense of achievement when you’ve accomplished the day’s tasks. That’s great for a feel-good brain chemical release of dopamine to reduce your stress levels.

When you use your diary daily, you’ll be able to provide clients and colleagues with more accurate timeframes for work completion. If you’re unable to complete a task on the agreed day, offer a revised timeframe using your diary to schedule more hours. Underestimating the time required for tasks is a big cause of stress, chaotic working and the disorganisation that comes from feeling overwhelmed.

Top Tip: Back up a hand-kept diary on your phone or electronic calendar and vise versa in case you lose access to either.

3. And Breathe (5 minutes)

The last part of your daily workout to get organised requires you to do absolutely nothing for 5 minutes! Use this time to either meditate or simply have a cup of coffee, look out your office window and clear your mind.

Overactive thinking is a by-product of feeling that you have a lot to accomplish on any given day. However, it’s counter-productive as it can mean it’s difficult to focus on a single task. This is because your mind is too busy thinking about the next one on the list. By taking 5 minutes to clear your mind before you start work, you allow yourself to relax. This makes it easier for you to concentrate and reduces stress levels.

What Happens When you Get Organised?

Being organised improves your productivity. You’ll be perceived as more professional by those you work with. You’ll also be unlikely to miss important events or overlook things you’ve agreed to do.

Organisation allows you to see the bigger picture without becoming overwhelmed by the day-to-day details. You’ll be able to plan your workload more effectively. You’ll accomplish more and suffer from less stress and work-related anxiety.

Try our 15-minute workout to get organised for a month. Then, let us know any changes you notice in your mood or work output.

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