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Brainstorming – 5 brilliant ways to improve your business

BrainstormThe process of brainstorming involves the sharing and critical review of ideas, to solve a problem or come up with the best fresh perspectives. People brainstorm to navigate the problems or obstacles they face. It’s easy to see why this is such a useful tool for businesses eager to move ahead of the competition.

Ideation, or idea generation, is a vital component of modern business. Without it, how can new organisations penetrate the industry and make an impact? Or, how can an already-established company keep on growing and innovating to stay competitive?

To help you creatively implement brainstorming in your business, here are five brilliant ways to harness its potential:

1.   Brainstorming for idea curation for products

Product development teams routinely need to come up with ideas for fresh and exciting products. They also need to find ways to improve existing product features. Hence, their work involves not only ideation but also the curation and appraisal of new ideas.

A product brainstorm is an exciting and fun exercise. The objective is always to make an impact on the bottom line. If you’ve ever conducted or participated in a session like this, you’ll know that a product brainstorm is a fruitful exercise built upon a logical process.

It requires proper context to work. The specific themes and requirements must be spelt out so the team can generate ideas based on a clear structure.

2.   Coming up with creative marketing using brainstorming

Technological innovation and digital transformation have impacted the way products and services are marketed. While old school marketing practices still influence your audience, creating an integrated marketing strategy is usually the way to go.

This means utilising the through-the-line (TTL) marketing approach and combining the best of above-the-line and below-the-line advertising to achieve your marketing goals.

Brainstorming creative marketing campaigns and marketing channel ideas forces you to re-examine your knowledge and understanding of your target market consciously. Through a brainstorming session, you’ll discover what’s trending and relevant to your consumers. This should influence marketing decisions to ensure your efforts resonate with your audience.

3.   Getting feedback or collecting viewpoints

Whether it’s to gain opinions regarding a product or service offering or to craft a new company policy, a well-structured brainstorming session must support the creation of ideas.

It should also include the refinement of what is currently available. It encourages innovation, not only in terms of the products and services your company provides but also in your day-to-day operations.

4.   Encouraging creative thought

Conducting periodic brainstorming sessions across all levels, fosters critical and creative thinking. Whether it’s discussions about current issues or future company goals, constant brainstorming practice helps in developing an agile workforce capable of achieving business targets even during challenging times.

5.   Brainstorming strengthens team relationships

Brainstorming brings people together with a mission to solve a problem or develop ideas to benefit the business. The team effort removes the pressure on the individual and reduces the feelings of frustration that can come with this. It allows employees to share responsibility when coming up with innovative ways to address a particular issue or need.

If the brainstorming session involves people from various departments or teams, it affords everyone the chance to form a holistic view and a deeper understanding of how each team contributes to the business.

Make brainstorming work for your business

Beyond coming up with new products and strategising for campaigns, brainstorming can also be utilised to address internal procedures, organisational structure and other aspects of your business.

For brainstorming to benefit your company, each session should give everyone a chance to share their ideas without fear of embarrassment. There should also be a clear framework for deciding on which approach works best.

At Illumine, we have various courses that support brainstorming and mind mapping. From mind mapping to learning how to hone in and generate ideas, we’ve got you covered.

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