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Your Business New Year Resolutions

Business new year resolutionsNow that 2019 has finished, it may be time to take stock of what you have achieved. Perhaps you hit your sales goals or you’ve achieved moderate success while keeping marketing costs down. You finally moved into a bigger office, launched your company website and upgraded your business management software. Whatever your achievements, big or small, make sure you celebrate them.

For 2020, some of your goals may essentially be the same: grow your business, network, get investors, come up with new products and ramp up sales. However, business success is not always about the bottom line, numbers and sales. So, in coming up with your business New Year resolutions for 2020, consider the following, and watch your business grow anyway.

1. A Business New Year Resolution to Delegate and Take Time Off

Start with something small. Ask someone in your team to take care of carrying out a task while you’re away. If they do well in this particular assignment, keep delegating more important or complicated tasks until you build this person’s confidence. You can even do this with several prospective leaders you are eyeing to promote to roles with greater responsibilities. Let them take turns.

In implementing this Business New Year Resolution, you’ll be better able to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of each person. You’ll know who complements whom and who would best fit certain roles. You can also use delegation as an opportunity for training needs analysis as it allows you to assess what types of staff development programs and training would be the most beneficial to your team.

And while you’re at it, take a load off and relax. This may mean enjoying a whole weekend switched off from work or taking a few weeks of holiday. Overwork can only get you so far and burn you out eventually. So, take a break, recharge, and spend some time with the most important people in your life. When you do this, you’ll come back to work fresh, creative and renewed, ready to tackle new challenges.

2. Focus on engaging your people

Countless studies have already been done about how important employee engagement is and the role it plays in business growth. Engaged employees are happy, loyal, productive, responsible, deliver quality service, have good attendance rates and can be counted on even during crises.

If you want to ensure or improve engagement, have an open dialogue with your people. They may not directly answer you if you ask them if they feel engaged, so you can check indirectly. Ask them what changes they think are needed at work to make them excited and happy with their jobs. Keep an open door for everyone and make your employees feel that they have a say, they matter and are empowered. Be honest about what improvements can be implemented right away and what will take time. Being forthright is one of the best ways to earn their trust and confidence too.

3. Work on reducing your office carbon footprint

You may also want to do your part in reducing your company’s carbon footprint by initiating changes that’ll benefit you in the long term. Aside from using green equipment, practising water and energy conservation, you can start implementing small changes that can make a big difference through the years. Use your Business New Year Resolutions to make a difference!

  • Create a sustainability team to spearhead green initiatives in your company.

  • Periodically come up with green challenges such as not using disposable eating and drinking utensils.

  • Go paperless and always use the blank side of one-side printed paper for intra-office reports, correspondence etc.

  • Ask employees to bring a desk plant and add more fresh greenery to your office to detoxify the air.

  • Take the lead in green commuting: take the tube, bike or walk to work.

Of course, there are probably a lot of other things you want to accomplish this coming year. However, with the above three Business New Year Resolutions, you’re off to a great start.

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