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Illumine Training - Parts of the brain

It is very tempting for so-called โ€˜Middle Market’ companies to put off doing anything on recycling or managing its carbon footprint, or supporting the local community, until all of the other challenges of running a successful business and competing on the world stage, have been successfully met.ย Long ago we decided that not being able to do everything that we would like to do, should not stop us from doing what we can when we can.ย We are proud of what we have already done and keener than ever to do more.

Carbon Neutral Goal

Illumine has announced a new project to investigate how to become fully carbon neutral. Project Leader Cathy Coughlan has been tasked with finding ways to ensure that the company meets its goal.ย She commented “Everyone is firmly behind this goal but we are under no illusions that this will be straightforward.ย The whole area is a minefield – different ways to measure carbon consumption, schemes to offset, the fact that public transport is often more expensive and more time-consuming than using a car – to name just a few of the challenges.ย We already make use of web conferencing to keep travel down, but we are a people business and that involves meeting people as well as delivering face to face training in the UK and beyond.”

Recycled Paper, Eco-friendly Printing and Office Recycling

Our clients naturally expect a comprehensive manual to support their Illumine training courses.ย Our general office paper,ย manuals and course materials are printed on sustainable paper. Our manual printers have one of only a handful of carbon positive printing presses in the UK.

In addition, the paper used for marketing material is now 100% from sustainable sources. The Marketing team are not stopping there though. They are determined to get to the point where nearly 100% of our materials are from sustainable sources, that includes our pens and pencils.

As a business we also recycle everything we can from within the office that includes paper, packaging, our lunch cans and teabags (they go to the local allotment).

Our Clients

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