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In the UK there are over 10,000 training companies. Worldwide it is estimated that there are over 250,000. Some are good and a few are very good. A very small number are consistently outstanding.
We have a very clear vision for Illumine:

To be widely recognised by buyers of training as the benchmark provider of management and personal skills development.

We believe that there are several characteristics of consistently outstanding training companies and we have focused our attention on these areas:

  • The Courses
  • The Trainers
  • The Service
  • The Materials
  • The Post-course Support

Whether you are attending a course yourself or you are sourcing and arranging training for other people, you will want to ensure that you always get:

Value for money – high quality training costs individuals and organisations hard-earned money and it is important that the money is well spent.
Value for time – it is vital that time spent on training courses is time well spent and that people learn real skills that make a difference to performance and motivation.

We focus on thinking as a source of competitive advantage and our unique range of courses and workshops has shown time and again that it successfully addresses challenges that are real – and in so doing make a real difference to people – making them more effective and more efficient at work AND providing them with life skills that they can use and benefit from in many different ways:

The Courses – we have sourced the best courses from around the world and have also developed our own courses so that our clients can enjoy a range of different, effective and motivating training courses, in a variety of delivery formats, that they will not be able to find elsewhere.
The Trainers – ‘specialist’ and ‘expert’ are over-used terms. However by focusing on specific skills our trainers have unquestioned expertise in their chosen fields. Many are published authors in their own right and all are passionate about the subjects they train in and are dedicated to constantly improving the quality of the training they provide.
The Service – a personal service is provided by thoughtful, thorough and professional people. We strive to ensure that the experience of working with Illumine is a pleasure – before, during and after the training.
The Materials – everyone learns in different ways and providing appropriate and comprehensive supporting materials is a crucial element. Materials are constantly developed to ensure that they meet the changing needs of our clients.
The Post-course Support – our rigorous course follow-up and support mechanisms are in place to ensure that you are happy with what has been delivered. We have developed a password protected MEMBERS WEBSITE for course attendees that provides our clients with unparalleled access to additional support to reinforce their learning.

To discover just how Illumine Training can benefit you or your organisation, please call +44 (0) 1753 866 633 or contact us.

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