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Which Communication Skills Programme is Right For You?

There are many different aspects to communication – formal/informal; written/spoken; remote/face to face; individual/group; relationships etc. We have a unique range of courses, developed to address the varied needs of our clients. The short descriptions below of needs and how our courses address those needs, are designed to help you to identify quickly the most appropriate course or courses for your purposes. However we pride ourselves on our flexibility, so if you can’t find the exact course you are looking for, please talk to us and we will be happy to provide more information or tailor courses as necessary.

“Some of our people do quite a lot of writing – reports, papers, briefings etc. We are concerned that too often their outputs are poorly structured, too wordy and lack any impact.”

Poor writing reflects badly on individuals and the organisations they work for and can be an unnecessarilyΒ  time-consuming process too. Our Professional Business Writing course draws on an understanding of how professional writers go about writing; planning effectively, drafting (writing) quickly and editing to a plan. The course transforms both effectiveness and efficiency.
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“Most of what many of our people do is dependent on building and sustaining effective working relationships – with all our stakeholders.”

Our Effective Business Relationship Management course focuses on how to manage stakeholders and build effective trust-based relationships.
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“Many of our people are very knowledgeable and highly skilled, but they lose credibility (their own and the organisation’s) when they are put on the spot with a challenge or question they weren’t expecting. They seem to panic and either clam up or talk too much.”

The Think Before You Speakβ„’ course is Illumine’s own verbal communication skills course that focuses on building the skill of responding in the moment, when there is no time to prepare. The boost to confidence that comes from knowing that you will be able to deal successfully with whatever verbal challenge you are faced with, is enormous. Whilst the focus is on imprompu, unplanned communication situations, the techniques learned are also great for structuring communication in more formal situations such as delivering presentations and writing reports.
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“How our people perform when they are delivering presentations is vital to our success. We need them to come across well every time”

The Powerful Presentations workshop is highly practical, building the skills of individuals to develop and present confidently so that they present themselves – and your organisation – in the best possible light.
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The following communication skills courses may also be of interest:

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Negotiation Skills

Dealing with the Media

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