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Generate new perspectives and ideas, solve real problems and enhance decision making and team working with this great selection of high impact creative thinking & innovation training courses...

Creativity at Work Programme (Blended Learning)

Our blended learning creative programme that will help you to make our people’s creativity a point of positive differentiation

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Creativity for Logical Thinkers Course

The ideal creativity course for anyone who wants to master a range of easy to use creativity techniques – and learn enough about the creative process to feel confident in using them!

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Problem Solving Training

Effective problem solving depends on a robust process, the right mindset and easy to use techniques…

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Creative Problem Solving Course

This course combines structured problem solving and effective creative thinking techniques

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Decision Making Training

Effective decisions can only be made with a robust process and an effective evaluation of all of the factors

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Structured & Critical Thinking Training

This course provides a toolkit for tackling challenging situations systematically, thinking them through and swiftly considering all options

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De Bono's Six Thinking Hats® Course

Dr De Bono’s brilliant and deceptively simple approach to thinking, brought to life

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Generating Ideas Course (half day)

Idea generation techniques that work!

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Bite-sized - 90 minute in-house sessions

90 minute bite-size learning experiences that motivate and inform

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‘What is creativity?’ (or lateral thinking) and ‘how to be more creative?’, are the questions that creativity courses and innovation training, should answer.

Our highly practical innovation training has been providing answers for leading companies and public sector organisations since 1996. Our popular Creativity for Logical Thinkers course has led the way in bringing practical creativity to organisations of every size and in every industry.

Innovation training and training in creativity should result in changes in working practices so that fresh thinking and new ideas are developed. Understanding how to be creative and how innovation and lateral thinking happen, are important first steps in building organisations’ creative capacity. That then needs to be backed up with usable techniques that show people how to be creative and how to make innovation at work a reality.

Creativity skills and innovation training are recognised as essential – after all, being different is a major source of competitive advantage. Our workshops will provide you with creative thinking skills and techniques to help you to unlock your creativity and innovation and transform ideas into reality. Our courses provide practical problem solving training, introducing creative thinking models and strategies that will challenge you and help you to review existing perspectives and consider alternative ways of working. They are particularly effective for individuals who want to build on strong logical thinking capabilities and analytical skills by being able to think laterally as well.

Check out the courses above to discover the course that best suits your needs. Or complete the form on the right to contact our friendly and professional team to discuss your requirements.


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