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This course combines structured problem solving and effective creative thinking techniques…

What need does the course address?

Problem solving

This Creative Problem Solving course is, above all, practical. A clear framework and a wide range of clearly introduced and usable techniques ensures that individuals and teams will be able to work more effectively in the future.

Creative problem solving is not a chance process…and neither is the generation of new ideas. The Creative Thinking and Problem Solving course starts with an understanding of the nature of creative thinking and a structured approach to problem solving. It is this understanding and structure that allows participants to learn quickly how to solve problems, generate fresh ideas and then work with those ideas effectively.

Participants will learn a wide range of practical techniques to understand problems thoroughly, generate and develop new ideas and solutions, compare and evaluate solutions and then communicate those ideas effectively.

The hands on style of this workshop means that all participants learn whilst ‘doing’; maximising skills transfer and usage of the techniques after the course. Ideal for teams who work together, it is equally valuable for creative thinking ‘champions’ or leaders and managers who want to build creativity levels in their own teams and organisations.

Key Outcomes and Benefits

Enhanced understanding – of problems and a structured approach to generating better solutions.

Creative ideas – more generated.

Comparing and evaluating ideas – an understanding of how to compare and evaluate ideas in order to move into the implementation phase.

Communicating ideas – a clear framework for communicating or ‘selling’ ideas to other stakeholders.

Course Overview

Comprehensive 2 day course

The emphasis is on learning creative problem solving approaches and techniques that have practical applications, with a clear understanding of how the creative process works.

  • Understanding problems and where to start – analysing problems and understanding their causes is an important first step.
  • Setting a clear focus – having understood the problem, the next step is to set a clear focus for the thinking.
  • Logic or creativity? – there is a right time for both. Deciding which to use and when, is key.
  • The need for fresh thinking – learn why it is essential for individuals and organisations to be more creative. Understand what type of thinker you are so you can develop your own personal creativity and help others access theirs.
  • The creative process – discover why creativity is so important in today’s competitive industry and understand how to develop your ideas by using Illumine’s creative process model.
  • Creativity techniques – for divergent thinking – learn a range of practical and easy to use techniques for idea generating solutions. You will build a tool box that includes Mind Mapping, situation/solution reversal, SCAMMPERR, analogies, brain writing and otherย thinking and creativity approaches that are proven to revolutionise, save time, money and reach decisions quickly.
  • Running sessions and harvesting ideas – discover how to gain the confidence to facilitate your own creativity sessions, making sure that all the ideas in your organisation are generated, captured and effectively evaluated.
  • Communicating and ‘selling’ your ideas – generating ideas is important, but of little use if you cannot convince others of their value. This step ensures that doesn’t happen.

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