Creativity at Work Programme (Blended Learning)

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If you believe that creativity can be a much needed source of competitive advantage – and you want to turn that possibility into reality – this unique, fully-blended learning programme, is going to be perfect for you and your organisation…

What is the Creativity at Workย  Programme about?

  • A strong focus on practical techniques that can be used immediately to:
    • understand problems and challenges
    • generate fresh perspectives and new ideas
    • compare, select and implement ideas and solutions
  • A unique combination of structured online learning, a face to face workshop and follow up material, including a unique app
  • An opportunity to work with and on your own real world challenges

creativity at work

Key Benefits

  • Quickly build an ability to generate fresh thinking and new ideas
  • Enhance creative problem-solving
  • Lead others in unleashing their creative potential

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3 reasons to choose the Creativity at Work programme…

1. Tried & Tested AND New!

Based on our highly successful Creativity for Logical Thinkers course, this programme adds online, post-course resources and our compatible app, to provide a true, blended learning experience

2. Tailored to your needs

The Creativity at Work programme can be built around your needs and your challenges

3. Flexible timing

You can decide when to run each element to maximise impact in your organisation

More about the Creativity at Work programme – what you will learn and how you will learn it…

Before the programme

We will start by finding out why you need more creativity and innovation in your workplace. Is it about solving problems more creatively? Or improving processes? Perhaps developing new products or services? Who is the training for? Managers? Staff? Everyone?

The Online course

This part will be completed by everyone, in their own time. Six modules cover the following:

  • The concept of functional fixedness – the tendency to see things the way we usually see things – and what we need to do to create new perspectives and new ideas
  • The relationship between creativity and innovation
  • The three stages of the creative process
  • A simple model for when it is appropriate to be creative – and when it is not
  • The differences between logical and creative thinking
  • The vital role of the language we use when generating new ideas

The Face to Face workshop

An interactive review of the key points from the online course, will be followed by a high-participation day in which learning is maximised through a process of exploration and discovery, with a strong focus on ‘having a go’:

The need for fresh thinking and new ideas – in your organisation

A simple but effective creative process model – a clear structure makes it much easier for everyone to work creatively: Set a focus; Divergent thinking; Convergent thinking

Techniques for each stage of the process – several different techniques will be introduced, using a process of: Explain, Experience, Discuss, Explore, Repeat

Facilitation of creative thinking sessions

Post-course Members’s Website

We have developed a unique, password protected Members’ website, which will provide reminders of the key points covered on the course, to keep the learning alive. You will also find additional information about how to communicate/sell your ideas to others.

The Creativity at Work App

Developed as a free resource for everyone, the app is the ideal companion to this programme as it follows the same structure and provides access to:

– a reminder of how creativity occurs (and why it sometimes doesn’t)

– valuable additional techniques

– a handy idea capture mechanism

– random generators of images and metaphors that will bring some of the creativity techniques to life

(Note – Both Android and the IOS versions are NOW AVAILABLE)

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