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Practical idea generation for everyone…

Do you ever find yourself in need of generating ideas quickly? Perhaps you have a new business challenge or, something’s not going to plan? In these situations, you may resort to brainstorming. However, this is only one of many techniques that you should be using.

The Generating Ideas programme introduces you to the creative process. You will learn a broad range of creativity methods and, if required, how to use these to tackle a current business issue.

Benefits of this idea generation course

This programme lends itself especially well to teams, groups, events and away-days. It can be delivered at short notice to deal with an immediate business challenge or tailored to target a specific business issue. It will enable:

  • Quick and effective idea generation.
  • Creativity to be unleashed to solve business challenges.
  • An improvement in team dynamics and the ways they work together.
  • The immediate use of a creativity techniques toolkit – relevant to business.

 Who should attend?

Teams or groups from all disciplines and levels who need to generate ideas. This could be to address a specific or immediate business issue.

Anyone who needs to facilitate groups of people.

Idea Generation course content

Intensive half-day in-house course

High energy, high impact and great fun, covering:

  • The nature of creativity – creativity is often misunderstood – we will help you to understand how creative thinking contributes to innovation and discuss the common misconceptions.
  • The creative process – creativity is natural – some people are more naturally creative than others, but on this programme you will discover how the process works and how EVERYONE can be creative.
  • Explore a range of different techniques to generate ideas – these skills are simple, but profoundly effective. Reversals, triggers, hats, metaphors and more. Easy techniques that you will be able to use straight away, on your own or with others.
  • Become more creative at work – how to put these simple to use ideas into action on return to your organisation.

 After you’ve attended

Many training companies only provide post course support in the form of course notes. Once you’ve attended this course we won’t forget you – we provide you with EXCLUSIVE and FREE access to our members’ website to remind you of what you’ve learnt.


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