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How & when to use different thinking approaches for maximum effect – a practical toolkit for effective thinking…

The structured and critical thinking course provides a tool kit for tackling challenging situations systematically, thinking them through and swiftly considering all options. The structured and critical thinking skills will provide fresh insights and a better understanding of problems or challenges, making you better equipped to deal with them more effectively.

Benefits of structured and critical thinking training

  • Tools and techniques that improve thinking skills.
  • Enhance problem solving skills.
  • Active learning, lots of opportunity to apply techniques and strengthen understanding.

Who should attend?

Anyone whose job involves problem solving, ideas generation and wider thinking skills. It provides an essential toolkit for anyone looking for fresh insights and approaches for tackling challenges and problems.

Structured and Critical Thinking Course content

One day or Half day in-house course

The importance of structured and critical thinking training

  • Gain absolute clarity on what structured thinking is and why it’s important.
  • Challenge habitual thinking patterns.
  • Develop new patterns of thinking.

Understanding a challenge

  • Identify a problem and understand its root causes.
  • Explore the problem fully using visual thinking tools which address any questions that arise and help to search for answers.

Multi-perspective thinking
Consider the challenge from the different perspectives where:

  • All stakeholders’ positions are considered.
  • The entire environment within which a business operates is considered.

Using questions to search for answers
Questioning techniques that will:

  • Help to broaden thinking skills.
  • Find solutions to a challenge.

Delegates will:

  • Explore the application of the tools and techniques.
  • Bring the learning to life and make it practical.
  • Enhance the confidence to use the learning back in the work place.

Do you need a tailored thinking skills course?

The structured and critical thinking training course can be tailored to meet your very specific requirements.

After you’ve attended

Many training companies only provide post course support in the form of course notes. Once you’ve attended this course we won’t forget you – we provide you with access to our EXCLUSIVE and FREE members’ website to remind you of what you’ve learnt. Our creativity post course section of the site contains helpful videos, downloads, checklists, hints and tips.


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