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Enhance engagement and motivation, increase resilience and improve performance with these courses...

Developing Resilience Course

Practical techniques to enhance personal resilience in an ever changing world

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The Power of Positive Thinking Course

Positive thinking is infectious and leads to a โ€˜can doโ€™ attitude within an individual, a team and an organisation.

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Time Management for Personal Effectiveness Course

Manage time more effectively and work more efficiently with practical strategies and option

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Emotional Intelligence Training

Develop the ability to harness and manage emotions positively

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Work Life Balance

People who have rounded and fulfilling lives โ€“ in and out of the workplace โ€“ contribute more, stay healthier and are happier too. Learn how to get that balance right

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Value Adding Appraisals Course

Making appraisals work for you and your organisation

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Energy and Well-being

We all need energy for the long journey of continuous change. Practical tips and strategies to enhance energy and well-being.

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Recognising & Managing Stress Course

Stress training for more effectively managing both yourself and others

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FIT Workshops - 90 minute in-house sessions

90 minute bite-size learning experiences that motivate and inform

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Our range of engagement and personal balance training courses and workshops deal with the factors that impact engagement,ย motivation and well-being. They provide practical solutions to understand what motivates; how to increase motivation and engagement, deal positively with stress, maintain work-life balance, build emotional intelligence and promote well-being. We show you how to develop creative and constructive methods of thinking to aid motivation and achievement through:

ยป Leaders
ยป Teams
ยป Individuals

Check out the courses above to discover the course that best suits your needs. Or complete the form on the right to contact our friendly and professional team to discuss your requirements.


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