The Power of Positive Thinking Course

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Developing a ‘Can-Do’ attitude in individuals, teams & organisations…

What need does the course address?

Positive thinking is infectious and leads to a ‘can do’ attitude within an individual, a team and an organisation.

positive thinking

Unfortunately, negative thinking can also be infectious!

The Power of Positive Thinking course starts by understanding how negative thinking – in its many guises – creeps into both individuals and organisations. It then focuses on how to challenge negative thoughts and then how to replace them with positive thoughts that can be sustained.

The course recognises that although we are all different – and respond to the things around us differently – we all have the power to choose our thoughts. But in order to do that we need to understand how thoughts affect our behaviour and then learn how to control what we think and what we say.

If you want to build teams that are optimistic, forward thinking and resilient, this practical workshop will be right for you.


Key Outcomes and Benefits

Mindset – develop a positive mindset and attitude, never giving up easily.

Business – motivated staff who get more done.

Personal – attract great relationships and people in your life; become more motivated, inspired, energetic and confident…and inspire others!


Course Overview

Half-day in house course for groups or teams

  • How to identify negative thinking and common negative thought patterns.
  • The link between thinking and actions.
  • Understand the impact that negative thinking has on business performance.
  • The role of the language we use.
  • Methods, models and techniques for switching negative to positive.
  • Thinking systems for success – planning the positive future.
  • Visualisation techniques to transform business situations.

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