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Learn how to work, think and learn more effectively with the UK’s leading provider of Mind Mapping training for over 20 years…

What need does the course address?

This course is for anyone who wants to get the most out of this uniquely versatile and effective technique:

  • Think more quickly and more comprehensively.
  • Plan effectively – activities, projects, events, workload.
  • Learn and absorb information efficiently – enhance memory and recall.

In short, the course is for anyone who needs to make greater use of their brains!

Uses of Mind Maps

Illumine has, since 1996 been the leading provider of Mind Mapping training and these courses reflect that experience. Whilst Mind Mapsยฎ have been around for many years, they are now recognised as an essential business tool when they are taught by dedicated professional trainers, who are also experienced practitioners.

Key Outcomes and Benefits

Enhanced memory – and improved quality and flexibility of thinking.

Save time – and become more efficient.

Improved effectiveness – in a wide range of tasks and activities – and greater enjoyment too!

Mind Mapping Course Overview

Compact 1 day course – also available as a half day or 90 minute workshop

A highly participative mind mapping training course led by one of the UK’s leadingย Mind Mappingย instructors who has a broad experience of using Mind Maps to dramatically enhance effectiveness and efficiency at work. It will teach you how to Mind Map on paper and you will also see Mind Mapping Software in use.

  • Your brain – discover how the structure and functions of the brain is mirrored by the design of a Mind Map.
  • Learning to learn – understand how we learn new skills and how to overcome the fear of failure.
  • How to Mind Map – learn the basic technique of how to construct Mind Maps.
  • Practice your Mind Mapping Skills – with a range of note-making, note-taking and learning applications.
  • Action Planning – a chance to think through how you are going to use Mind Maps in your work environment and how to benefit from the skills learned on the course.

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We are always happy to tailor courses and combine modules from different programmes. We do whatever it takes to ensure that your course does exactly what you need it to.


You can find a variety of Mind Mapping resources on this website, including:

Information about how to make a mind map

Advice on how to use mind maps effectively

Specific information about using mind maps for studying


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