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Learn how to work, think and learn more effectively, with the UK’s leading provider of Mind Mapping training for over 20 years…

What is this course about?

  • It takes Tony Buzan’s widely recognised technique and shows you how to apply it and benefit from it, in the business environment.
  • The course is a practical, hands-on workshop led by a Mind Mapping expert who has enormous experience of using the technique.
  • It will enable you to think more creatively and incisively, plan more effectively, improve your memory and raise your effectiveness at work to ever higher levels.

Uses of Mind Maps

Illumine has, since 1996 been the leading provider of Mind Mapping training and these courses reflect that experience. Whilst Mind Maps have been around for many years, they are now recognised as an essential business tool when they are taught by dedicated professional trainers, who are also experienced practitioners.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance memory and the quality and flexibility of your thinking.
  • Save time and become more efficient.
  • Improve effectiveness in a wide range of tasks and activities – and greater enjoyment too!

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Benefits of this Course

  • Learn practical Mind Mapping techniques – confidently apply them to your every day process
  • Improve your organisational skills – rather than writing copious pages of notes you’ll be able to present information in an organised and easy to follow format.
  • Identify and understand a project – Mind Maps offer you a visual (non linear) structure to maximise the thinking potential of your brain.
  • Add structure – Mind Maps are a good way to plan and structure projects, presentations, writing and other business tasks.
  • Refresh your thinking– the single page format allows you to revisit a subject, refresh it and where required review that subject quickly and easily.
  • Involve your challenges – the simple format means others can read, understand and add their own ideas.
  • Enhance creativity – promote free thinking and become more creative.
  • Improves memory – the structure of a Mind Map makes it easier for you to remember more.
  • Aids problem solving – by bringing all of the information together from differing sources to one page.
  • Save time – Mind Maps can be adapted to almost any task and will improve efficiency and help you to become more effective.
  • Versatility – Mind Maps are so versatile that they can lend themselves to virtually any task in and out of the workplace.

“Really good new tool to be able to use rather than taking massive pages of notes, good overview and detail. Clearly explained examples and exercises.” – Development Manager, Major UK Retailer


Mind Mapping Training Course Content

Comprehensive 1 day or Compact in-house half-day.

A highly participative mind mapping training course led by one of the UK’s leading Mind Mapping instructors who has a broad experience of using Mind Maps to dramatically enhance effectiveness and efficiency at work. It will teach you how to Mind Map on paper and you will also see Mind Mapping Software in use.

  • Your brain – discover how the structure and functions of the brain is mirrored by the design of a Mind Map.
  • Learning to learn – understand how we learn new skills and how to overcome the fear of failure.
  • How to Mind Map – learn the basic technique of how to construct Mind Maps.
  • Practice your Mind Mapping Skills – with a range of note-making, note-taking and learning applications.
  • Action Planning – a chance to think through how you are going to use Mind Maps in your work environment and how to benefit from the skills learned on the course.

Your choice of duration and training style

We offer Mind Mapping training as a comprehensive 1 day public workshop and as a 1 or 1/2 day in-house course. In addition the 1 day course offers:

  • Advanced Techniques – an opportunity to develop the Mind Mapping technique and see the power of your thinking expand.
  • Mind Mapping Exercises – the opportunity to practice a greater range of applications tailored to your needs.

Who Should Attend?

Who Should Attend Mind Mapping Training?

Mind Maps can be applied by all levels in an organisation. From planning tasks through to solving complex business challenges, we recommend this technique to anyone who cares about their professional development.

“This mind mapping training course was well structured, interesting – something you can take to the working environment and immediately put into practice.” – Information Services Manager, Legal Firm

Forthcoming Public Courses

Forthcoming Public Courses:

9:30 am - 5:00 pm
1 day Mind Mapping for Business Course
etc Venues, Bonhill House, London

Post Course

After You’ve Attended

Once you’ve attended this mind mapping training course we will provide you with access to our EXCLUSIVE and FREE members’ website to remind you of the key points you’ve learnt.

Mind Mapping Applications

Applications of Mind Mapping in Business

  • Planning and organising.
  • Preparing and delivering presentations.
  • Problem solving.
  • Option generation and decision making.
  • Note taking in meetings, workshops and more.
  • Staff assessment.
  • Enhancing creativity and learning skills.

The Uses of Mind Maps® - all possible after attending a well structured Mind Mapping training course

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