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Using Mind Mapping for education – teaching and learning

It’s a huge responsibility being a teacher. Just to think that an individual’s lifelong aptitude for a subject can be down to how good their teacher is! Mind Mapping can help!

Mind Mapping for Education takes the essential elements of Buzan’s world renowned techniques and helps you to apply them in the classroom, making it easier for you to ensure your teaching is an effective and memorable experience.

Mind Mapping for Education will greatly enhance your teaching skills, benefiting you – and your pupils! If you have a group of teaching staff to train this is the best programme for them.

If you are an individual or teacher looking for mind mapping training we would recommend our ‘Business Mapping’ programmes.

Prefer E-learning for this course? Take a look at the Mind Mapping Mastery E-Learning course

Benefits of this course

  • Save time – this flexible tool can be adapted to almost any task and will improve efficiency.
  • Develop organisational skills – presents information in an organised and easy to follow format, on one page, which is simple for others to read and add their own ideas.
  • Improve memory – the structure of a Mind Map makes it easier for you to remember more.

Who should attend?

Those who care about enhancing the learning experience in the classroom for the benefit of their pupils:

  • Teachers at primary and secondary schools.
  • Lecturers at sixth form colleges and universities.
  • Support staff.

Course content

1 day in-house course

The Mind Mapping for Education course is highly participative and is led by one of Illumine’s licensed instructors who has personal experience of using Mind Maps in education.

  • Your brain – the principles of how the brain works and how to enhance the way you and your pupils think and learn.
  • Learning to learn – understanding how to overcome the fear of failure so that you and your pupils become more effective learners.
  • How to Mind Map® – discover the “rules” and techniques of how to construct Mind Maps.
  • Mind Mapping applications – Applying the lessons learned to revolutionise the way you organise your thoughts and the thoughts of others.
  • Mind Mapping exercises – a practical series of exercises that show how to Mind Map teacher and pupil-focused situations.
  • Action planning – how to develop and benefit from the skills learned on the course when in the classroom environment.

Applications of Mind Mapping for Education

  • Lesson planning and preparation.
  • Curriculum planning.
  • Providing students with an overview of a subject.
  • Teaching tool in the classroom.
  • Student assessment.
  • A tool which can be passed on to students to use themselves.

After you’ve attended

Once you’ve attended our courses we provide you with access to our EXCLUSIVE and FREE members’ website to remind you what you’ve learnt.


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