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What need does the train the trainer course address?

The Train The Trainer course is based on how people learn best. It will enable you to make your training delivery more captivating and dynamic. Learning will be easier and more fun for all concerned.

This course is a full immersion learning experience, built around the three keys to successful learning events: Dangers, Design & Delivery. Rich learning experiences will build your knowledge, skills and confidence so that you can hit the ground running when you get back to work.

Key Outcomes and Benefits

Understand the principles of great training – experience and apply the 3 key principles of successful training events

Understand what can (and does) go wrong – gain an improved understanding of the common pitfalls in training and how to avoid them.

Build impact by design – consider the practical techniques for designing effective training interventions that make an impact

Manage and build your own energy – keep your own energy, confidence and enthusiasm high and improve the personal impact of your delivery.

Course Overview

Comprehensiveย 2 day in-house course

  • How we all have learning preferences.
  • The DANGERS in getting it wrong for your audience and business objectives.
  • How effective structure and clear learning outcomes can enhance the DESIGN process.
  • Using creative thinking in designing your training events.
  • How to create the ideal learning environment to meet your objectives.
  • Excellent DELIVERY skills.
  • Positive influencing techniques.
  • Anticipating and overcoming difficult behaviours.
  • Methods and use of materials/props.
  • Enhance your communication skills.
  • Take away lots of new ideas for learning activities.

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