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Which Courses Will Improve Your Learning Skills &/or Productivity?

Learning – absorbing information effectively and efficiently – and productivity, mean different things to different people. We have developed a great range of courses that address the varied needs of our clients. The short descriptions below are designed to help you to identify quickly the most appropriate course or courses for your purposes. However we pride ourselves on our flexibility, so if you can’t find the exact course you are looking for, please talk to us and we will be happy to provide more information or tailor courses as necessary.

“There always seems to be so much information to stay on top of – industry briefings, technical information, reports, news – and never enough time to read it all!”

Being overwhelmed by the volumes of information available to us is an increasingly common – and serious – problem. Our courses that include Speed Reading are highly practical programmes designed to help you to read faster, understand better and remember more.
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or Fast Reading & Super Memory.

“For us, it’s the amount of time we seem to waste in meetings that we need to sort out.”

Meetings are an essential part of business life, but if they aren’t run effectively they can be a demotivating and costly waste of time. We have two great options that can make a lasting difference. Our Facilitation and Meetings course sets out the basics of how to set up and run meetings effectively, every time. And the famous Six Thinking Hats course provides a very specific methodology that puts an emphasis on encouraging different thinking and different perspectives.
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“We need to be able to think and work visually – understand and see how different things link together, absorb information, take better notes etc.”

We have been running Mind Mapping courses for business since 1996. Our highly practical courses focus on helping people to get the most out of this brilliant technique – so that they can use mind maps to help them think more clearly in a wide range of situations.
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“The one resource which we simply never have enough of is time – can you make more time for us?”

No! But we do understand the sentiment and our Time Managment for Personal Effectiveness course will provide you with a range of practical tools and techniques which you can put to immediate use to regain control and improve productivity.
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The following courses may also be of interest:

Accelerated Learning for Trainers

Work/Life Balance

Memory Skills

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