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Courses to enhance group participation, share knowledge and run productive meetings, making good use of everyone's skills and experience...

Facilitation and Meetings Training

Facilitate discussions and plan, organise and run effective meetings

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High Performance Coaching Training

Increase productivity, improve motivation and enhance results

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Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hatsยฎ

Dr De Bonoโ€™s brilliant and deceptively simple approach to thinking, brought to life

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Bite-sized - 90 minute in-house sessions

90 minute bite-size learning experiences that motivate and inform

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Effective and fast facilitation of meetings and teams is a skill that can be trained and developed, and many consider the ability to act as aย facilitator to be a key skill for managers and leaders. We provide courses and workshops and the provision of highly skilled facilitators to help you to tackle the real challenges facing your organisation.

We offer a unique range of facilitation and coaching training courses aimed at anyone who needs to be able to facilitate or coach groups and teams effectively. These courses will provide you with high quality skills that will enable you to significantly enhance the quality of contribution from your team.

Inevitably there is some overlap between the topics of facilitation, running meetings, coaching and mentoring. At the core of all of our programmes in this section, is the ability to facilitate; encourage and enable others to perform at their best and maximise their contribution.

Check out the courses above to discover the course that best suits your needs. If you can’t see the exact course that you are looking for, ask us about tailoring a course that does exactly what you and your teams need. Email, call or complete the form on the right to contact our friendly and professional team to discuss your requirements.


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