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Facilitate discussions and plan, organise and run effective meetings…

What need does the course address?

If time is wasted through too many or inefficient meetings, this course is for you. Learn how to facilitate to get the best out of everyone and liven up boring, tired meetings that no-one wants to be at!


This facilitation and meeting skills course is run by experienced facilitators who will share the secrets of their success, describing in detail what to do to achieve effective results every time. Handling and effectively facilitating diverse and sometimes difficult groups can be challenging and taxing. That’s why having a range of facilitation skills techniques and exercises will increase your confidence and the impact of the meeting or session.

This course is ideal for those who plan and deliver meetings at any level, from formal board meetings to informal discussions, who want to save time, energy and resources and avoid unnecessary conflict. It is also for those who facilitate meetings and discussions of any size, who would like to develop their skills in order to become more effective.


Key Outcomes and Benefits

Develop highly effective facilitation skills and techniques to maximise the effectiveness of meetings through effective planning, delivery and follow up:

  • Identify why people appear to spend most of their time in unproductive meetings and how to overcome this.
  • Agree the purpose of your meetings and recognise the value of these to you, your team and organisation.
  • Learn the art of facilitation in its truest sense, gaining group participation, collaboration and attention.
  • Be really clear on the benefits of great planning and how to do this in real time.
  • Shape your meetings to account for your audience and agreed outcomes.
  • Define roles and responsibilities when chairing, recording and facilitating a meeting.
  • Save time and energy by adopting new approaches to where, when and how you hold your meetings.


Course Overview

Comprehensive 1 day or compact half day

The half day version gives a practical introduction and will provide hints and tips to help you improve meetings, improve facilitation and ensure you are using the best structure and format. The one day version is more interactive and goes into more detail. It will help to develop highly effective facilitation skills and techniques. This maximises the effectiveness of meetings through planning, delivery and follow up. Facilitation and meeting training concentrates on:

  • Effective meetings – making meetings more proactive, productive and effective.
  • Powerful facilitation – gain group involvement and participation; and resolve challenges and conflict.
  • Structure and format – beginning, middle, end; formal versus informal; and choosing the best type of meeting.
  • Roles and responsibilities – delegating tasks; chairing a meeting; minute taking/Secretariat and facilitator roles.
  • Dealing with challenges – overcoming objections and challenging situations; managing attendees and audiences; and keeping your meeting on track.
  • Maximise time – failing to plan is planning to fail; different approaches; reaching agreeable conclusions.

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We are always happy to tailor facilitation and meetings courses and combine modules from different programmes. We do whatever it takes to ensure that your course does exactly what you need it to.



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