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In this section of the website we have included information and other resources that we think will be useful and/or interesting:

Mind Mapping – comprehensive resources that previously resided on our dedicated mind mapping site

Free creativity app – Creativity at Work

Course Overviews and Brochures

Downloads and Guides – our popular topical guides and informative brochures can be found here.

An Introduction to the Spark Engagement Model – find out more about the revolutionary model behind some of our engagement and leadership programmes.

Developing High Potential People – Illumine runs a unique range of courses that enhance practical thinking skills to improve the performance of individuals and organisations.

Newsletters – our monthly newsletter ‘Illuminating’ is packed with useful articles, downloads and offers.

Thinking and Learning and Learning to Learn – this section includes…

Post Course Learning Areas – we have a members only exclusive and free website for attendees on our courses and workshops.

Our Clients

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