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Written communication skills – the ability to express ourselves effectively when we write, is recognised as being a vital business skill. Most of us communicate extensively by writing: emails, memos, reports, articles, papers etc.

Good written communication skills are essential for both:

  • Public and private sector organisations – communicating with customers, shareholders and stakeholders; writing proposals for contracts and tendering for business; developing and sustaining partnerships and alliances.
  • Individuals – managers and professionals looking to improve both internal and external communications as well as coaching their teams. Also business professionals developing their skills and looking to increase their โ€˜value’ to their employers.

When we write something down we are inevitably telling our reader a great deal about ourselves. It is therefore extremely important that our writing skills do not let us down. Common problems in writing include:

  • Insufficient structure and sign-posting.
  • Poor use of language.
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes.
  • Rambling.
  • Writing too much.

Writing with Impact

There are so many messages out there today and there may be other organisations trying to capture the attention of the same reader. Writing is like any other skill in that it can be developed with practice and appropriate training. We can learn how to have greater impact and be more influential through our writing. Find out more about our highly effective writing skills course, Professional Business Writing here.

โ€œI will never write anything in the same way again! This is by far the most useful course I have ever been on. It was delivered in an extremely professional and well structured way.โ€ Past BATย employee

Are you writing business reports? Find out our secrets for successful reports here.

The Importance of Grammar

Grammar is a major part of writing and can have major consequences in the way your readers perceive your communication. Try out our FREE grammar test here or go to the Professional Business Writing course page.

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