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There’s no such thing as a free lunch – but there is a free app!

We’ve been running high impact creativity workshops since 1996 and have decided to share our experience by putting together a really useful creativity app that both our course participants – and everyone else – could use to enhance creativity for themselves and their teams.

So this free creativity app includes the following:

  • An Introduction to Creativity – six modules, including video explanations, describing and explaining how creativity occurs, the value of choosing the right language, the differences between logical and creative thinking and an invaluable creative process model to make it easy to work with the various creative thinking techniques.
  • Techniques. 20 of them, arranged into 3 areas:
    • Focus Setting and Understanding Problems
    • Divergent Thinking (generating ideas)
    • Convergent Thinking (selecting, harvesting, comparing, improving)
  • Random Generators – visual triggers and metaphors to kick-start your creativity
  • Idea Capture – a convenient place to capture your ideas as you get them – and email them to yourself (or others) right from your phone or tablet.

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