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In recent years there have been many techniques that have been developed and many terms used to describe them. Here we summarise some of the terminology and techniques:

Business Mapping

A term that is used differently by different people. Business mapping is used to describe many sorts of mapping techniques, including, but not limited to, Mind Mapping.

Idea Mapping

Idea mapping appears to be very similar to Mind Mapping although idea maps are not formally associated with Mind Mapsยฎ.

Spidergrams or Spider Diagrams

There is no ‘official’ definition of these terms. They appear to pre-date Mind Mapsยฎ and are usually characterised by a series of lines linking topics that appear in circles. Usually drawn in one colour they don’t have a defined structure.

Memory Maps

These are generally a series of pictures linked in a more or less linear way and are significantly different to Mind Mapsยฎ as they do not have a radiant structure.

When is a Mind Map not a Mind Map?

By registering the term ‘Mind Mapยฎ’, Tony Buzan has defined Mind Mapsยฎ quite clearly. He sets out that definition in many of his books. In reality, many of his ‘Mind Mapping Laws’ are breached frequently by Mind Mapping users. However the resulting notes are still likely to be referred to as Mind Mapsยฎ in much the same way as vacuum cleaners are often referred to as ‘Hoovers’ even though they are not made by Hoover! As Buzan has sold millions of books that talk about Mind Mapping, and people continue to adapt the basic technique in ever more creative ways (presumably something Buzan would approve of), this process seems bound to continue and to accelerate.

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