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Theย electronic Spark Engagement Index is a leading-edge employee engagement model and diagnostic tool designed for teams and organizations.

Spark Engagement Index equips people-managers with the critical information and key insights they need to create impactful engagement strategies in any environment. When leaders know how to drive engagement, they can ignite passion, productivity and performance in their workplace.

Understanding how to drive employee engagement and directly impact key performance indicators requires insight.ย Spark Engagement Index delivers that insight using a scientifically validated, proprietary research model to interpret survey results, and align findings with proven, practical and actionable strategies to engage your workforce.

The Engagement Model

  • Measures relationships between Meaning, Progress, Engagement Drivers and Outcomes
  • Organizes information into meaningful themes: Purpose & Inspiration, Organizational Practices, Mastery, Autonomy
  • Identifies Engagement Phases for individuals, teams and organizations at a given point in time

The Diagnostic Tool

  • Elicits meaningful data for participants, managers and organizational leaders
  • Efficient online delivery and privacy protection for participants
  • Comprises 30 core questions that measure employee engagement
  • Optional measures of employee opinions on various topics can be added

Your Results

  • Employees receive a personalised report, including tips and strategies to improve engagement
  • Group reports indicate the dominant Engagement Phase, and include proven strategies for specific Engagement Phase and Engagement Drivers requiring action
  • Clients can deepen insights with a thorough statistical analysis, benchmarking and recommendations

The Benefits

Organizational leaders, HR professionals & OD practitioners can use Spark Engagement Index to:

  • Direct efforts toward the things that matter mostย  โ€“ Meaning, Progress & Engagement Drivers
  • Ensure optimal use of finite resources by using data to inform engagement strategies
  • Align engagement strategies with corporate objectives and KPIs
  • Ignite passion, productivity and performance!

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The Spark Engagement Index provides unique insights into the level of engagement and passion you experience at work, and how you can make your work experience a truly passionate one. Complete the diagnostic on-line and receive a comprehensive personalised report, for just


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Collective Results are also available for leaders and managers.

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