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…see how many errors you can spot in the following passage

Even people who spend most of their working day writing to colleagues’, customer’s and prospective customers’ may be unsure about their own grasp of grammar and punctuation. They might not have had an English grammar-lesson for years. And, as a result they feel nervous when they write, or confused when their writing is corrected or rejected for no apparent reason. But all disciplines’ that communicate in writing need to ensure that their grammar is at an acceptable standard. Incorrect grammar will affect a change in peoples perception of you and your organisation. Remember your marketers’ cannot segment your customers’ by those who are good and those who are bad at grammar… you don’t always know very much about the people you are writing to…but you can try to imagine how it effects them. Grammar on the Rocks™ is a half-day workshop offered by Illumine Training. It concentrates on what you need to know about grammar – not everything to do with grammar. Its a workshop that has been developed to boost confidence and knowledge without making you feel mediocre. It also guides you through the main punctuation marks and their uses. There are lots of exercises along the way to test your new-found knowledge. The workshop covers:

  • A refresher: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and pronouns
  • Must know grammar: apostrophes, plurals, subject-verb agreement, verbal gerbil
  • Nice to know: colon, semicolon, punctuation of lists, was/were, I/me/myself, which/that/who/whom, hyphens, and/but, ellipsis, full stops with quotes
  • Some finer points: prepositions and split infinitives

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Grammar Test Instructions

We’ve written a few paragraphs about grammar – so that you can test your proficiency with some of the major ‘grammatical rocks’ we face on a daily basis. Print out this page and mark the 15 grammatical mistakes in the four paragraphs of text. Here are a few clues to tell you what you should look out for:

  • incorrect apostrophes
  • affect/effect
  • hyphens
  • and/but
  • ellipsis

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