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This section on memory skills is full of really useful memory devices like ‘mnemonics’ and other fun and useful hints and tips to help you learn, absorb and understand.

A mnemonic is a rhyme, acronym, short-cut or mental picture that you can use to aid recall. These include:

We regularly feature new memory skill ‘tips and tricks’ as well as our regular articles and brainteasersย in our FREE monthly Illuminating newsletter (sign up at bottom of page)ย and on our FaceBook and Twitter profiles. Here are just some of the tips and tricks we recently published:

  • Coordinate both sides of the brain, try juggling. Itโ€™s easier than it looks, good fun & works out both body & brain.
  • Before reading anything, stop and think about your objective. You canโ€™t know HOW to read something if you donโ€™t know your objective.
  • If you want to remember more of what you read, plan and take regular breaks.
  • If you really need to remember something, review it โ€“ after an hour, a day, a week, a month, 3 months.
  • Use Mind Mapping to help you create associations and remember more.
  • Power Lunches – aim to eat protein and salad/vegetables to stimulate clear thinking.
  • Stay hydrated for optimum mental performance โ€“ learning, creativity…in fact, any and all thinking.
  • Left brained or right brained? Check out the ‘spinning lady’ to find out more. Just for fun!
  • Memory relies partly on interest โ€“ engaging the limbic brain. Start by being clear about why you want to learn something.
  • 4 keys to memory โ€“ association, interest, uniqueness, REPETITION.

We are always looking for great ways to remember anything. So if you have ones that work for you – and you are happy to share them with the world – please send them to us!

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