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The Art of the Ice Breaker

What is an Ice Breaker? When new groups of people come together with the objective of achieving the same aim, it’s essential they feel comfortable ...

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Are we all Project Managers now?

Modern working life is full of complexity, added responsibilities and accountability. In the past, many organisations were quite rigidly structured. The hierarchy of management was ...

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Go On, Convince Me!

Being able to present your viewpoint and convince others is an essential life-skill.ย  Your working life, particularly if you work in a sales-driven or marketing ...

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Neuroscience: The SCARF Model

We live in a world of growing interconnectedness, which is creating an ever-increasing need to improve the way that people work together. Social neuroscience involves ...

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Are you a Lark or an Owl?

Larks vs Owls: lessons from sporting performance As a manager, an important aspect of getting the best from your employees โ€“ and from yourself โ€“ ...

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What’s your leadership style?

What makes an outstanding leader?ย ย There is no one answer. Some of the best leadersย have been quiet, analytical types, always willing to listen and with their ...

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